Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2016 Written Update. Shagun to go chennai with Shobhna.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2016 Written Update

Mihika With Mihir 

In hotel, mihika tells mihir that she is worried about pihu because shagun tends to distort her by giving money in her hands and give her very expensive gifts, she wants to win her with help of materialistic things.

Mihika says that she want to meet lawyer kunal sethi personally and ask mihir to hide this matter from shagun and should remains between us. Mihir agrees and says that i will also come with you.

Romi calls mihika for go to shopping, she says i am returning soon.

Driver Tells Shagun To Book Society Hall

When no hall is free then shagun's car driver suggest her to book Bhalla's community hall for ananya and pihu's dance practice, then shagun calls to book bhalla's society hall but she find it booked, she is in anger now.

Shagun ask driver to go on Trisha designer.

Raman Purchase Saree

Raman purchase a beautiful saree for Ishita but there shagun comes and ask whose marriage raman, he flinch and say this saree is for adi and alia's engagement but there adi also comes and ask raman, did you purchase saree for wedding, now shagun is in doubt.

Raman hides wedding matter from shagun and adi also support him then raman bring adi outside and ask him to call ishita to not let her come here for this time.

Shagun To Go Chennai

Shobhna plans to take shagun chennai with her to prevent her to know about this wedding matter of ishita and Raman.

When shagun comes back to home then shobhna asks her to do packing because they are going to chennai to purchase some "Kanjivaram sarees" for adi's family.

Shagun makes excuses for pihu but mani and alia promise her to take responsibility of pihu, at last shagun agrees and goes for packing.

Pihu Asks Whose Wedding Is This

When pihu comes to bhalla's house she asks whose wedding arrangement is going on, alia says my and adi's engagement. 

Pihu asks you are hiding something, Ruhi tells we are hiding our dancing plans for ladies sangeet. pihu says but ladies sangeet is happens in weddings.

Ruhi starts dancing and all house members join her, then Raman and Ishita also comes back and ruhi teach them a dance step and ask to do. Raman Ishita do the step and pihu says you are doing wrong Ishita aunty and she teach how to do this step.

then pihu ask ruhi to do bhangra.

Mihika To Meet Lawyer For Pihu

Ruhi ask Mihika to get ready but she tell that she have to go to meet a friend and she reach to the resort to meet Kunal sethi with mihir, there she finds Ashok with kunal. They wait until ashok goes.

Mehendi is ready at home and Mrs. Iyer is too emotional on this occasion, Mrs. Iyer writes Raman's name on Ishita's hand from mehendi.

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One Contestant Evicted From Bigg Boss 10 • Eviction Round

Sunday was the eviction day in Bigg boss season 10 and Salman khan tells that the first contestant who will become houseless from this house is Priyanka Jagga Muise due to very less votes and salman calls her on stage.

Bigg Boss 10 Eviction

What Happen When Priyanka Leaves ?

Manoj and Praveen cries in arms of each other when priyanka leaves bigg boss house and other commoners also cries.

Manveer calm them and ask them to forget her because she leaves.

What Salman And Kamya Says To Priyanka

Kamya praise priyanka for completing her horse task to show her children that their mother not gave up and won, that's very great, she did irritation whole week, that's nice.

Salman says that priyanka makes celebrities' life difficult in the house of bigg boss and he says that we are thinking that you will play to end and all others will exclude.

What Kamya says to Celebrities

Kamya says that commoners are doing everything in bigg boss, they are on the top. Celebrities are not taking stand up against them and even not playing the game as they should.

Celebrities are not completing the given tasks because of their image, kamya explain them that audience expects from you very much, you have to play equally like commoners.

Kamya also highlight bani J that why she is not showing how to complete a task in a game, bigg boss is a game of tasks and bani j is very hardworking and knows to complete any task.

Why Salman Laugh ??

Salman laughs on Om ji that he inhibit a missile from his energy from India to Australia.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2016 Written Update: Shobhna puts a condition for Adi and alia's wedding.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2016 Written Update

Ishita and Raman To Marry Again

Shobhna is agree for alia and adi's wedding but they are young and have to make their career first and let them financially free, but engagement happens on the day of Ishita and Raman's wedding day.

Ruhi is happy and say wedding will be rocking and shobhna says with all rituals because without rituals no wedding happen good and should happen in south indian style like before.

Ishita ask mani to hide this matter from shagun.

Shobhna comes back to home and inform shagun that she gave permission for adi and alia'a engagement. Shagun shows fake happiness and says i was stressed and waiting for you.

Ishita's Wedding Saree

Raman takes out Ishita's wedding saree that she wore on marriage and say i exclude all waste but keep only this with care. He put on that saree on Ishita and praise her.

Mihika Get Kunal Sethi's Phone Number

In parking mihika brings mihir in a side and ask him about lawyer kunal sethi. He says that he is my school friend and you also know him.

Mihika is worried about pihu because she think that pihu is not safe with shagun, she take kunal sethi's mobile number from mihir.

Engagement Time Fixed

Shobhana get Adi and alia's engagement time from pandit ji, the time fixed by pandit ji is with time of Ishita and Raman's wedding tomorrow. Mani ask shobhna to not speak loud and let shagun stay away from this wedding matter.

Alia is also worried from shagun and mani explain her that we will not let shagun know about this matter, she becomes happy and hugs shobhna and mani.

Ruhi Prepares Songs List

Ruhi decides the dancing songs list for tomorrow which is based on bollywood but adi is not agree with and debate with her to add some old songs. She says guests are not coming for sleeping they are coming to rock on the party.

Mr. Bhalla, Ruhi, Mihika and simran decide to be on side of Ishita, it's mean ladki waale in wedding. Iyers comes and says don't worry raman we are with you, it's mean from ladke waale then ruhi also comes in side of Raman.

So the team decided for ladki waale and ladke waale. Adi gives challenge that punjabi's will do madrasi dance and Madrasi will do Punjabi dance in wedding and engagement tomorrow, ruhi and other accepts this challenge.

Then Romi books society hall for wedding.

Ishu Asks Raman For Shopping

Ishu is ready and ask raman to go with her for shopping but raman says what will you do, but at last he agrees on a romance condtion but suddenly ruhi comes there and says i saw nothing.

Ruhi tell Ishita that alia calls her many times to inform that she is on shopping and calling you there. Ishi asks where is adi, she says doing choreography preparation.

Bigg Boss 10 21st October 2016 Episode 6 Written Episode Update Online

Bigg Boss 10 21st October 2016 Written Update, Episode 6 start with song "Phir bhi dil hai hindustani" and Monalisa start dancing in jail.

This is What you will Read Today !!

  • Om ji Flare Up in Jail
  • Bigg Boss Give One More Chance to Celebrities
  • Manoj and Lopamudra's Fight
  • Oh Noooo Priyanka pee on Horse In task
  • Bigg Boss Give Extra right to Priyanka
  • New Activity Given to House Members
  • Monalisa Weep Again

Bigg Boss 10 21st October 2016 Written Update, Episode 6

Om ji Flare Up in Jail

Next day Om ji says bigg boss to get me out from here because this jail is very hot, please put on air conditioner machine here otherwise i will run out by digging tunnel here.

Om ji says if you want me to keep here then get monalisa out from this jail, he says dhongee, Kamina and badmash to himself in front of bigg boss camera.

Priyanka comes near him and say to calm down and sit there silently, this is the start of this punishment and Om ji says that he is a modern saint.

Bigg Boss Give One More Chance to Celebrities

Bigg boss tells house members that many times india waale did infringement of  very valuable rule i.e cooking food, which is work of sevaks not of owners and we give one more chance to sevaks to get authority of this house and become owners. 

Bigg Boss again give task to Owners and celebrity and karan reads the letter in which "Ab India waale aur maaliko ke beech ek satta palat ke liye ek mukabla hoga, is mukaable ke liye dono teams apne two members select karenge, is battle mein selected four members garden area mein rakhe ek ek rocking horse par baithenge aur usse continuously chalte rahenge, isme chaaro ko ghode par zyada se zyada baithe rehne ki koshish karne hai aur usse chalte rehna hai, har baar ghode ki aaawaaz aane par chaaro ko usi waqt water mug drink karna hoga aur pilaane ki responsibility opposite team ki hee hogi, ye karyaa jab tak chalta rahega jab tak kisi ek team ke dono member apne ghode se utarkar task se baahar nahi ho jaate." is written.

Both team decides their two members. From celebrities Bani and gaurav, from India waale Priyanka and naveen are selected to complete this task then Om ji says "ladkiyon ke bas ka nahi hai ye"

Manoj and Lopamudra's Fight

When all members were standing together then in fun Manoj take out hair band from lopa's hair then she take out his cap and this make manoj do insolence with lopa and he snatch her band from lopa's hand but at last manoj says sorry and give her band back and put it in her hairs.

While this fight Nasty verbal happen between Lopa and Manoj

In task Priyanka says no one can defeat me.

Priyanka updoing her hairs and rohan says you can't touch your hairs in this task, priyanka flares up and say "chicken" to rohan, i will beat you.

Oh Noooo Priyanka pee on Horse In task

When Bani get down from the horse and get out from task then Priyanka pee on horse to win from Gaurav, not just once she pee two times, gaurav give up and Priyanka won the task. It's mean that india waale win.

Bani ask priyanka why do you want to win this task then Priyanka replies that i am mother and doing this for my children and want to show them then their mother never give up.

Priyanka wants that her children can say that her mom won Bigg Boss 10.

When priyanka win task then she goes to take blessings from Omji and he says to india that girls should be like that.

Bigg Boss Give Extra Right to Priyanka

When Priyanka win then bigg boss says that sevaks remains sevaks and maalik remains maalik and also give extra right to priyanka that she can take out one prisoner from jail then priyanka takes decision and get Om Ji out from the jail.

Monalisa remains alone in jail.

New Activity Given to House Members

Celebrities are in living room and India waale are in Activity room.

Gaurav reads letter, "Time comes for Jio money luxury budgets purchasing"

Nitibha Reads that we have permission to purchase 18 luxury budget items.

Gaurav reads that they need to create list of 18 luxury budget items and list them on board in 4 minutes.

Nitibha reads that purchasing will only done by Lokesh and manveer and other members can take part in purchase while sitting then after purchasing you will take all these items to living room then their gaurav ji matches the product listed on their board in front of bigg boss and then those item will be select for purchase.

Time is over and gaurav ji selects only matched items in front of Bigg Boss.

Monalisa Weep Again

Because she is in jail and restricted to do anything, Oh No third time when she is weeping....!!!

Episode 6 is over and we will see tomorrow that who will get excluded from the House of Bigg boss..

Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss 10 Daily Episode Update of this season. 

  • 20th October 2016, Maha Episode - Celebrities lose the Luxury Budget task and weak contenders from both teams goes to jail. Bigg Boss greets Priyanka and Karan for Karva chauth and give surprise to them.

  • 19th October 2016, Episode 4 - Gaurav guess the second secret "aasmaan ke chaand par dhyaan se dekho daag kahin hai lekin ghar ke iss chaaand par toh ek bhi bhaiya daag nahi hain yeh hai....?" is of Lokesh, which is wrong guess and the right answer is Nitibha kaul. 

Bani J guess the third secret "apne desh se pyaar toh sabhi ko hota hai, lekin mujhe kuchh zyaadaa hee hai, issliye hi toh maine isse missile se bachayaa, kaun hun mein kuchh samajh aaya" is of Om Ji, which is the right guess.

Karan guess the fourth secret "saath raho matt chhodo akela, darr mujhe hai lagta badaa, jab duniya saari aaraham se so jaati hai, mujhe neend sirf mere khilone waali gudiya ke saath hi aati hai, kaun hu main... samajh aati hai..?" is of Priyanka which is again wrong answer by celebrities.

  • 18th October 2016, Episode 3 - Bigg boss gave first task of the show "RAAZ" to celebrities to find "WHOSE SECRET IS THIS". if more and more guesses are right tell by Celebrities then owners become servants and servants become owner !! Gaurav guess the first secret "Mummy ki dosti bhaari padi kaisi shaadi karke ho gayi zindagi ki aisi taisi Mein hu......?" is of Akansha and it's true.

Bigg Boss 10 20th October 2016 Episode 5 Written Episode Update Online

Bigg Boss 10 20th October 2016 Written Update, Episode 5. Let see today who will go in jail and who will win the first luxury budget task in Bigg Boss House.

Bigg Boss Maha Episode !! This is What You will Read.

  • 5th Secret Shown To Celebrities
  • Rohan Throws Water On Priyanka
  • Bigg Boss Jail's First Prison
  • Priyanka keep Karva Chauth Vrat
  • Bigg Boss Gathers House Members
  • Celebrities Again In Activity Room
  • Celebrities Lose The Luxury Budget Task
  • Rohan Threatens Om ji
  • It's Jail Punishment For Losers
  • It's Time to Open Karva Chauth Vrat and Mona Cries
  • Bigg Boss Calls Priyanka and Karan in Room

Bigg Boss 10 20th October 2016 Written Update

5th Secret Shown To Celebrities

The secret is "mushkilon se kaise ladna, ye toh har maa sikhaati hai, lekin meri maa special hai, woh toh beedi banaa banaakar ghar chalaati hai, special maa ki special aulad, kaun hun mai...?".

Rohan says this secret is of Priyanka, She stands up and say this is wrong and not my secret.

Om ji credits Priyanka to protect this secret from reveal.

Rohan Throws Water On Priyanka

Priyanka rings the bell at night and asks sevaks to bring water for her, Rohan brings water and "zabardasti Rohan ne lagaya uske mouth per glass" due to which some water fall on her clothes.

Priyanka flare up and Om ji supports her.

Priyanka again rings bell to show his anger to rohan and bring him with her. She give him her clothes to wash. Rohan explains her that his intention was not of throwing water on her.

Priyanka do not listen and she complain bigg boss that rohan throws water on me.

Bigg Boss Jail's First Prison

Priyanka come back after changing her dress and say to rohan that your mother taught this to you and she order him to go Jail.

Bigg boss jail get Rohan as its first prison. Priyanka debate to celebrities that not only industry peoples are intelligent, we are also common people but not behind from you. 

At last when rohan apologize then priyanka forgive him and rohan comes out from the jail. It was very short punishment for him.

Priyanka keep Karva Chauth Vrat

Today is karva chauth day and two house members keep vrat for their spouse which is priyanka and other one is Karan Mehra.

Priyanka pray from god for giving more life to his firangi husband.

And also owners decide to cook today because they don't like taste of food cooked by sevaks. which is against rule and owners may get punished from Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Gathers House Members

Bigg boss asks house members to gather at one place to inform that season's first luxury budget task will over today. Consequently we will know whether authority changes or not. last night jail get its first prison but today two house members will be punished in jail for long time after the luxury budget task is over.

Celebrities Again In Activity Room

Bigg boss again call celebrities to show 6th, 7th and 8th secret.

6th Secret is

Baap ka naam mat lena, arree confuse ho jaoge bhai, kyunki ek nahi aise log hain two, jinhe pyaar se mein papa kahun, Mein hu..?

7th Secret is

Jaise kaidi bhaage jail se, jaise gaadi bhaage rail pe, jaise ghodaa bhaage race mein, thik waise hi hum bhi bhaag gaye the apni shaadi se, pehchaanaa mujhe..?

8th Secret is

Ek reality show kaise jeeta jaata hai, mujhse behtar bhalaa kisko aata hai, ek show tha jeeta tab, ek show hai jeetna ab, mein hu...?

Celebrities Lose The Luxury Budget Task

Bigg Boss calls celebrities to give answers to 6th, 7th and 8th secret then 6th secret answered by lopamudra is Manveer, which was wrong.

7th Secret answered by Gaurav is priyanka, which is again wrong.

and 8th Secret answered by Monalisa is Priyanka, It's again wrong.

Now Bigg boss tells that sevaks remains sevaks and maalik remains maalik.

Task won by India waale.

Rohan Threatens Om ji

When Rohan says that i have nothing in my mind for anyone then Om ji says you are a lier, Rohan then replies that he have something against you in his mind, i will go from here after exposing you.

Rohan says "Dhongee baba" to Om ji and goes to this group. Om ji complains bigg boss that he is insulting me in front of everyone and you should have to send him in jail.

It's Jail Punishment For Losers

Bigg boss asks both India waale and Celebrities to decide which one of your team member was weak in luxury budget task and eligible to go in jail.

From sevaks it's decided that Monalisa was proved weak contender and she will go to jail and from Owners it's decided that Om ji  will go to jail.

Now Monalisa and Om ji are preparing to go in jail and after some minutes they get locked in jail. Bigg boss asks manoj to keep keys with him.

Rules Of Bigg Boss Jail

  1. Jail mein kept prisoners ko jab tak Bigg boss na kahe kisi bhi reason se, in any condition not allowed to come out from jail.
  2. Jail mein kept prisoners ke liye har cheez aur raashan ka arrangement jail mei hi kiya gaya hai, unhe apne personal important saamaan aur bigg boss duaara bheji, yaani ke batteries aur medicine ke alaavaa ghar ke kisi bhi member se kuch bhi de jaane ki permission nahi hai

It's Time to Open Karva Chauth Vrat and Mona Cries

Priyanka starts her pooja without Moon, Om ji starts his "prayer" and Monalisa says you are doing acting, Priyanka don't mind this time and continue her pooja.

When Monalisa says if you want to do pooja then complete it with proper rituals then manveer comes and ask her that now you tell us what are rituals.

Priyanka also support manveer and says to monalisa that what you know about karva chauth pooja, you never keep vrat for anyone and you are actor, i am not, i am doing pooja for my husband. This makes Monalisa cry

Gaurav and manveer words fight for Monalisa, Manoj comes to explain manveer that stay away from this matter for some time but lopamudra also comes to support Gaurav.

Manveer says that what's your problem, if priyank is doing pooja then who are you that decide what she have to do or not. On this, Gaurav says to his team members that don't put your leg behind if they are fighting then we will also give answer to them

Bigg Boss Calls Priyanka and Karan in Room

Bigg boss calls Priyanka and Karan in room for a surprise and say HAPPY KARVA CHAUTH to them. Bigg boss tell them that some pics and sweets come from your family.

When karan and priyanka open envelop they get emotional to see them and thanks bigg boss for this surprise and both eat sweet.

At last when they come out from the room then "Chaand Nazar aa Gaya" and Om ji starts doing his prayer for every women in the nation and he greets priyanka.

Episode is Over ! Thanks for reading !!

Bigg Boss 10 19th October 2016 Episode 4 Written Episode Update Online

Bigg Boss 10 19th October 2016 Written Update, Episode 4. The show starts with India wale are planning to play game with celebrities. On Day 2 at night 2:00 A.M, priyanka explains om ji that what issue you will create after few minutes. She explain him to do drama on dinner.

At night 2:30 P.M om ji rings bell and call sevaks to listen him. Sevaks come and karan ask what happen guru ji. Om ji tell him that i forget to eat diner and i want something to eat because i need to take my medicine.

Monalisa ask him that why didn't you tell us when we are asking you for food. Om ji says if you don't want to cook then don't cook.

Atlast sevaks cook food for om ji and he eats.

Rahul says to om ji "ultaa taang kar maarunga toh saara bhoot utar jaayega khaane ka"

Priyanka tells that rahul was saying "Tharki" to you and on this omji become angry.

Manoj says to sevaks that om ji ate food and the matter is over now. they all goes to sleep.

On day 3 at 8:00 A.M song plays "Parde mein rehne do" and everyone wake up and dancing on song.

Om ji apologize from lopamudra in bathroom for yesterday's mistake and says that i forget yesterday that i am saint. Lopa says him that yesterday your body temperature was not too high.

Gaurav comes and says whether you were ill or not but you have not to say these words on television show.

When Lopa ask why you are saying sorry to me and on what matter, is it about word "Vishwasghaat" or anything else you said for women then Om ji says i am devi bhakt and for this i am apologizing.

Om ji tells gaurav that i can sleep last night without food but my team members used me against you. i know that i was used last night by them.

There gaurav is bonding with akansha when she is washing her clothes, he says i feel bad that in a task i need to bing this matter up, she says no problem because it's reality then gaurav and akansha says BEST OF LUCK to each other and they goes.

There gaurav tells commoners that om ji says that you used him last night against us. Manoj agrees because he known from this fact of om ji. Gaurav also clears priyanka that you should not have to support om ji last night when he ask to cook food because it was bad that you are telling us this in late night.

When gaurav went then manoj and priyanka calls Om ji and ask him that why did you tell them that we used you last night, then on this matter om ji speak lie to his indiawale team and on this manoj calls gaurav ji and he says that today morning om ji says that you used him last night then gaurav clear this matter and goes.

manoj to Om ji that you are double sided (dogala) person and says ok whatever you did now forget it and consider them your enemy.

Now it's 12:00 P.M and all celebrities are in activity room to see second puzzle to solve and the puzle is "aasmaan ke chaand par dhyaan se dekho daag kahin hai lekin ghar ke iss chaaand par toh ek bhi bhaiya daag nahi hain yeh hai....?"

At 12:00 P.M all are on dining table where owners are trying sevaks to stay aways from each other so that sevaks can't be able talk about task.

Then there is a issue happened when rohan says whether you set me away from my group, i can do discussion. Manoj hits table and reply him that you can't do anything, Rohan says i can discuss. Priyanka also speaks badly from rohan and order him to sit and eat food then om ji also stand in debate and rohan ask him what about your health.

When rohan says that there is big difference between you and us then on this matter manoj becomes more aggressive on rohan and warn him if you again said difference between you and me then i will tell you.

Bigg Boss 10 19th October 2016 Written Update

gaurav tells to manoj that according to rule book we can discuss but if you want us to stay away from each other then you can do but can't stop sevaks to discuss.

Monalisa comes in from of bigg boss camera and cries, she say please get me out from this house i can't survive here.

Manoj complains bigg boss that no one except priyanka stands with me from my team.

Priyanka takes rohan with her and order him to wash her clothes when he was not listening her. Rohan says to bigg boss that manoj is not able of word "AAP" today i decide that i will say "TU" to him.

Nitibha on bigg boss camera says that i am smart and will not let celebrities know my secret.

Now it's time to answer second puzzle's secret which is "aasmaan ke chaand par dhyaan se dekho daag kahin hai lekin ghar ke iss chaaand par toh ek bhi bhaiya daag nahi hai yeh hai....?", Gaurav guess that it's Lokesh then Lokesh stand up and says NO this is wrong answer.

Ohh this guess is wrong chosen by celebrities.

Om ji give credit to manoj and nitibha to secure this secret and says that manveer is playing his own game. Manoj ask om ji to talk with manveer and ask him to stand against celebrities like us, show your mardaangi that he was saying.

Gaurav read message of Bigg Boss that a one more way we are giving to india waale to save their secrets from reveal. An Appy fizz bubble chain is present outside in appy fizz zone garden, with the help of which owners can punish sevaks many times to prevent sevaks from knowing owners' secrets.

In Bigg Boss activity room third puzzle shown to Celebrities i.e "apne desh se pyaar toh sabhi ko hota hai, lekin mujhe kuchh zyaadaa hee hai, issliye hi toh maine isse missile se bachayaa, kaun hun mein kuchh samajh aaya"

When celebrities come out from activity room then priyanka lock gaurav feet from appy fizz bubble chain.

Again the time comes to answer third puzzle which is "apne desh se pyaar toh sabhi ko hota hai, lekin mujhe kuchh zyaadaa hee hai, issliye hi to maine isse missile se bachayaa, kaun hun mein kuchh samajh aaya". Bani j answer Om Swami, Om ji stands and says that it is right answer.

In kitchen om ji tells that he knows tantra vidya from which it can take revenge from people who do breach of trust with him.

Lopa ask if i did "Vishwasghaat" from you then you do this with me. Om ji replies yes if you did "Vishwaasghaat".

In Bigg Boss activity room Fourth puzzle shown to celebrities i.e "saath raho matt chhodo akela, darr mujhe hai lagta badaa, jab duniya saari aaraham se so jaati hai, mujhe neend sirf mere khilone waali gudiya ke saath hi aati hai, kaun hu main... samajh aati hai..?"

At 06:45 P.M Karan mehra guess that the fourth secret is of Priyanka. She stands up and says that it's wrong.

Ohh no again celebrities guess wrong.

At night when everyone is on bed, priyanka rings bell and ask to bring water. Monalisa and Rohan bring water and rohan throw some water on priyanka by mistake.

AND IT'S OVER now we will see tomorrow that how priyanka will react on this misbehaviour of Rohan.

Bigg Boss 10 19 October Episode is Over

Bigg Boss 10 18th October 2016 Episode 3 Written Episode Update Online

Bigg Boss 10 18th October 2016 Written Update, Episode 3.

DAY 1 - 01:00 A.M

All 7 celebrities blaming manoj that due to him no one of us are able to sleep but manoj explain them that literally they all get slept but when he saw gaurav going in kitchen to boil eggs then i wake up and go behind him.

Gaurav explain him that when you were not sleeping then we were not able to sleep because it's against rule, then i got hunger and went to kitchen to boil eggs.

Manoj explain him that i bring om ji to sleep so that you can also sleep, we literally slept but due to you we also are not able to sleep.

DAY 2 - 08:00 A.M

Gupt Movie song "yahan wahan" plays in Bigg boss house, now everyone is wake up and dancing.

Om ji praise mona for her beautiful dance, she replies with thank you.

Naveen says to monalisa that if you came in films before 35-40 years so Guru ji will not become celibate.

08:30 A.M

Bigg boss ring bell and everyone goes to store room for changing their batteries then naveen make fun of om ji that "why do you need to change your battery, already you have much energy".

There in kitchen manoj tells karan that vegetable came and i will cook cauliflower with you because these days unreasonable (WAHIYAAT) food is cooking.

09:00 A.M

Lopamudra make tea for everyone and manoj says that it's very good. Lopa says then not say it bad when you will go there.

Manoj start debate on karan then he was also feeling bad when i said that cooked food is "WAHIYAAT". Karan and lopa explain him that if you say that word then bad intensity will effect on others. Manoj explain that i said this to bani but she didn't effected from this, but why you are making big issue of this.

Lopa and karan says that you used wrong word here and everyone is watching that who is doing what.

10:45 A.M

Priyanka ask lopa to bring appy Fizz but after saying 5 times Monalisa bring it for her.

11:30 A.M

Manoj, Manveer, naveen and Priyanka are making fun of Rahul. Manoj says that rahul is cutting green chilli like that it will ask him that why are you cutting me.

Manoj says for mehra brothers that they are showing bigg boss that how we simply do work and everything i clear, they want to show their footage.

Naveen says them to always unite and be against them.

12:00 P.M

Manveer ring bell to call Rohan but priyanka ask him to clear bani's matter first and call her. Bani comes and priyanka says to bani that according to the rule book whenever we ring bell then you must listen us to do our favorite work.

Priyanka ring the bell and lopa comes, she ask her to bring Appy and lopa advice her to eat apple, Priyanka says now she will tell me and doing infringement of rules. Manoj says her that she can give advice, this make her to say sorry to lopa.

12:15 P.M

Commoners call gaurav to discuss, Priyanka said if we are talking then you have to listen and respond yes or no between them and we decide to send bani in jail because she brake rule 10 times.

When gaurav ask what mistakes she did then priyanka says that i called her to bring appy then i also said to you then bani comes to me and say that you need to say please to me.

Now priyanka cries and say why only i follow the rule and say please. Gaurav goes to bani and inform her that not to make excuses because you not did any mistake and they decide you to send in jail.

Priyanka call lopa and ask her that why you say me to eat apple when i ask you to bring appy.

lopa says i only gave you advice and i hope you will be fine soon and she start hugging it then priyanka say her to not do acting in front of me.

Lopa goes from there.

There Naveen and manoj writing  rule in rule book that if anyone misbehave with us then he/she will be punished and send to jail.

Priyanka again debating on lopa's words that "I need help of doctor".

Gaurav says lopa to not react on priyanka's "I need doctor" matter.

Again priyanka ring bell and lopa comes and ask what help you want i am cooking, manveer said cooking is your work according to rules.

When lopa goes to read rule book then priyanka says thank you so much and go back to cook food.

Lopa says it's rule's infringement that you call us to waste our time.

2:30 P.M

Om ji says to lokesh to inform Bigg boss that his mike battery is low and send battery in store room and two tooth brush with 2 tin can contain red and white liquid color from makeup box.

Lokesh says this to Bigg Boss through CCTV in house.

4:00 P.M

There celebrities making fun of Priyanka's husband and her cast "Meuse" which is lookalike "USE ME" written on dustbins.

Manoj and Manveer also saying to priyanka that we thought that you will be the first evicted slim girl from this house.

5:00 P.M

Salman khan comes on screen and ask How are you all and tell them that with this show every indiawaala comes with a secret, which only they know and they kept in a bottle.

Salman  says Celebrities' first task of this season is to find whose secret is this. BEST OF LUCK and he goes.

Bigg Boss ask Gaurav to bring letter from storeroom and read loudly in front of all.

He reads it's time for first luxury budget work, this work's name is "RAAZ". Bigg boss have one secret of every owner, this secret bigg boss will tell to Servants timely then servants will to guess whose secret is this and why he/she think that this secret is of that owner. where servant's motive is to guess right more and more there's owners attempt is not let servant know about their secrets. and if servants get more success to guess the right secrets then servants will become owner of this house and owners will become servant.

5:45 P.M

Om ji threaten lopamudra that if she disclose any of his secret to anyone then it can put you in trouble, so please remember your promise and it's a request from me to not disclose any of my matter.

lopa go spares on om ji and says that you can't threaten me because i never did wrong with anyone in this house.

Om ji says i am just requesting you because i don't like people who do stab in the back.

6:15 P.M

Om ji to manveer that salman tell much about me to lopa then i ask her that you will never tell these secrets to anyone then now she is saying that i will expose you, i don't like this disloyalty with me.

Lopamudra to Bigg boss that om ji threaten me for my life and this is very bad that i am watching all this here, Even after protecting om ji, if i hear bad for me then i will not accept this.

7:00 P.M

Bigg Boss wants that all servants come in ACTIVITY AREA.

SECRET OF A COMMONNER - "Mummy ki dosti bhaari padi kaisi shaadi karke ho gayi zindagi ki aisi taisi Mein hu......?"

Now bigg boss ask all of them to come out from ACTIVITY ROOM.

7:15 P.M

Priyanka talking to rahul dev and asking him that you do smoke or drink, he says no.

Gaurav talking to akansha about her arranged marriage. she tells that when i was in school my mother and her friend decide to marry their children with each other, where my mom's friend want to accept me as daughter in law, but after getting married, i come to know that i can't even talk to my partner simply. 

Akansha tell that due to her mother she did marriage and after all she get brake up from him.

Gaurav putting nail paint on her nails and akansha tell this secret to him

NOTE: Akansha is a commoner and don't know that Gaurav is collecting information to guess right for the given task to celebrities.

8:00 P.M

Bigg boss says that few minutes before we gave task to servants to find whose secret is this and asks servant to say their guess

Gaurav guess Akansha on "Mummy ki dosti bhaari padi kaisi shaadi karke ho gayi zindagi ki aisi taisi Mein hu......?" and akansha says Yes this is my secret.

Omji accuse akansha that she is a slave of gaurav that's why she told her secret to him.

Akansha says he already knew about that and we were just discussing on our matter,  don't speak if you don't know, you will be GURU Ji in your home.

8:45 P.M

Om ji says to gaurav that akansha is thinking about to marry with you, but she didn't know that if she can't become of his first husband then how can be for second. she is discrediting her husband in public, you are a celebrity and surely will marry to celebrity, it's better if you brake her dream to marry with you.

Gaurav says it's television show and don't speak this on television

10:00 P.M

Lopa angry on om ji that why he is using word "Breach of trust" for her, she say still i didn't tell any secret to anyone then you should be thankful to me.

Om ji says i am talking to karan about ujjain's incident.

10:15 P.M

In bigg boss room bigg boss says to omji that this is television show and some matters of personal life should not be discussed here, you know the world's knowledge and no need of our guidance.

Omji says i was just trying to stopping them reveal our secret, but if it should not be done then i will go and apologize.

Om ji comes out to apologize but manveer is very disappointed from om ji's respond that why he is getting anger and talking like that to lopa.

Om ji says sorry to everyone for his bad activity. Lopa ask him to say sorry to every woman in nation and will never do this again.

Om ji do this and says that all are recorded in bigg boss room and will telecast tonight, Lopa says whatever you did is for telecast but you have to improve yourself in your real life.

11:45 P.M

Naveen request guruji to don't debate with girls, if you want, then collide with strong personality like rahul and gaurav, you have to be in our side.

Om ji thanks all to save them from this issue.

Bigg Boss10 18 October Episode Over

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Bigg Boss 10 18th October 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update ! Annika in Trouble

Ishqbaaz 15th October 2016 Written Update: Episode starts with Goons beating shivaay hardly and Annika seeing them.

Some Time Before

Prinku tells shivaay that Annika had no mistake and I bring Dev in home that day. She was just going to leave dev outside but you see and all misunderstanding happened.

Om ask shivaay to go to Annika.

There Sundari is insulting Annika in colony and saying that this is colony of gentle people not loafer girl like this.

Annika stops her and ask what make a difference to you if I have any relation with anyone. Annika warns goons that wait I will get you banged, don’t move one more step.

Goons snatch her mobile and start misbehaving with her and she continuously warning them but they do not listen.

Om explains shivaay that annika’s heart is so big, she will definitely forgive you.

Annika slaps a goon.

Rudra explain shivaay to say sorry from heart then it will go to heart.

There goons are forcing Annika to come with them.

Om explains shivaay that if you say sorry from heart then she will surely forgive you.

There Annika is fighting with goons.

Shivaay goes to Annika.

There goons get Annika in auto rickshaw and Sundari is very happy to see that.

There shivaay comes in front of auto rickshaw to save Annika.

One goon comes near car and shivaay hit him from door.

Second and third goon come out and start beating shivaay continuously and Annika thinking that why billu ji is not replying them with hands.

Shivaay is looking in eyes of Annika and recalling his mistakes he did with her.

Shivaay is bleeding from mouth and Annika shouts billu ji and she comes near him then one goon grab Annika then shivaay starts beating goons.

One goon attack with rod on shivaay's head and then Om Rudra comes to protect him.

And now Three brothers Om, Rudra and Shivaay beat goons and at last goons run from there and leave Annika.

Om and Rudra comes to Annika and apologize from side of whole family and ask her to return home.

Om ask shivaay, you don’t want to say anything.

Shivaay brings water bucket and sign Annika to come here.

Annika comes and throw water bucket on him then shivaay says “SORRY” to her.

Om and Rudra also feels happy.

Jhanvi, pinky and Dadi are waiting for Om, Rudra and shivaay. Jhanvi says Annika is clear headed girl and if Shivaay says sorry with sincerity then she will definitely forgive him.

Om, Rudra and shivaay comes and three of them wonders to see them in beaten condition.

There Annika and sahil throw Sundari out from their house and Annika says to sahil that whatever world say but I will never leave you. Sahil says that you are world’s strongest girl.

There Pinky, Dadi and Jhanvi put ointments on Shivaay, Rudra and Om’s wounds but nothing is happening. Rudra saying to jhanvi to take him ICU then prinku advice them to take pain killer.

Sahil says to Annika that if you get little wounded then how much Om Ru and shiv get wounded.

Annika says Om and Rudra are innocent but billu ji should have to be beaten more, you forget that how much he insult me and fired me from job.

Pinky bring pain killer from shivaay then dadi and jhanvi give them to Om and rudra and ask them take it otherwise I will call your father. All three takes pain killer.

Annika says how a rounded sweet guy can have two simple brothers. Sahil says at least leave him today, he fights for you. Annika says him to not take his side and from one water bucket none of his sin will wash.

Sahil says her to feel proud that after many tries billu ji says SORRY to you. Annika says please don’t take his side.

Pinky and dadi says that soon all of three get fine. Jhanvi says I hope that but after taking pain killer I am afraid that they do start stupidity.

Sahil says Annika that what you not did for billu, you save him from murder case and even after that he doesn’t thank you. She say I didn’t save him to get credit. Sahil ask then why you save him, it may be a reason behind that.

Annika also start thinking that why she save him and what was the reason she felt that she have to save Billu ji.

Ishqbaaz 15th October 2016 Written Update

15 October Written Updates Over

Ishqbaaz 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update ! Annika Protects Shivaay

Ishqbaaz 14th October 2016 Written Update: Episode starts with Shivaay says that yesterday night I was with Annika. She says I know that you are saying this to save me and I have no problem to accept this truth and truth is that yesterday we were together whole night.

Some Time Before

When ACP asks shivaay to tell that where you were last night then Annika comes and say he was with me. ACP asks Annika then she introduce herself as former employee and he is my former boss.

Annika says that he came to me last night between 11:45 and then went in morning after 8:00 A.M. She says ACP to look at shivaay’s clothes which are not changed yet.

Everyone shocked…

ACP asks Annika that do you have any evidence that Shivaay singh Oberoi was with you last night. She says yes I have proof and she calls Madan Chacha in. She introduces him that he is owner of 24hrs Medical shop opposite my friend’s house where I call Shivaay singh oberoi.

Annika ask Madan Chacha to show footage recorded in his CCTV camera. He shows that footage to ACP and says that this man came near 11:45 P.M and then went after 8:00 A.M in early morning.

ACP asks Annika that do you know what you are saying, ok then again speak this line so that I will be verified. Annika again says “I and Mr. Shivaay singh Oberoi were together last night.”

ACP Ranveer asks whose house was that. She says it was my friend Chanda’s house.

ACP ask so why did you call him after fired from job, for any agreement I mean arrangement.

Shivaay got angry and say enough, you are insulting a girl not doing investigation.

Annika cuts shivaay’s point and say that I have no problem to accept truth and the truth is that I and Mr. Shivaay singh oberoi were together last night.

ACP Ranveer ask Annika to give details then Annika says that I call him, he came to meet me at my friend chanda’s home, I open door then he came in and then we were together whole night.

ACP ask Annika that this man fired you from job and after you are ready to be discredit for him, ok it’s your wish but listen I will continue my investigation and he goes.

Tia comes and listen everything. She asks shivaay that whatever Annika said was true.

There Sundari (Annika’s Bua) watching Live news of oberois with other peoples. In news ACP ranveer says that Shivaay singh oberoi’s ex-employee’s witness save him but I will continue my investigation. Saahil comes and loudly says to everyone to get rid from his house.

Tia blames Annika that because of you our wedding spoil and she is taking revenge because we fired her from job.

Shivaay says shut up to tia and say do you know that Annika is one who save me from this big murder case of Gayatri. Annika feels bad and goes from Oberoi mansion.

There Sundari speak vulgarly about Annika and sahil throws her in mud. Sundari decide to take revenge from Sahil.

Rudra comes and inform that Annika di has gone. Om says when ill mannered people are in our home then why decent people stay here.

Om asks shivaay to tell full story.

Shivaay tells that his phone was exchanged with annika’s phone last day, she call me at night and say that gaytri is continuously call on my phone. When I reach to her friend’s home then we exchange our phone after it when I was going then someone closes the door we got trapped then again I get call from Gayatri and I ask khanna to trace my call that time. Meanwhile i hear her loud voice on phone and then I ask khaana, is call traced but when I was going to move then I found door locked then Annika advice me to move out through the window behind, then I reach to the old mill, I wait for Gayatri but she didn’t come.

Om ask it’s mean that you were not with Annika last night, shivaay says no.

Rudra ask then why Annika di spoke lie.

Dadi comes and say to save billu she takes all infamy on herself.

When Annika return home then some goons gazing and speaking badly to her. Sundari also talks her badly and ask her to get back. Annika says I will not go and will not let you own my sahil’s home.

Rudra ask Om that bhaiya has to apologize from Annika di. Om says surely he is thinking about this, let’s go to him.

Shivaay calling her bad moments with Annika, Om and rudra ask shivaay to go to Annika.

There Sundari is doing drama in front of aisle to discredit Annika, Sundari speak very badly to Annika.

Priyanka comes there and tell truth to shivaay that Annika had no mistake, last time I bring Dev in home to talk personally, Annika takes all responsibility to protect me and at last you see her when she was taking dev outside from home to save me.

Shivaay says what I did, how I will apologize from her.

Ishqbaaz 14th October 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update ! ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa

Ishqbaaz 13th October 2016 Written Update: Episode starts with ACP Ranveer singh Randhawa introduce himself and say that I am handling Gayatri’s case.

Shivaay says that someone ACP rathore is handling our case. ACP Ranveer says that rathore is a good officer but to identify this culprit it’s important to have strong heart one and that’s why this case come to me.

Shivaay says that why you are doing Dialogue baazi in my home, go and arrest criminal. ACP says I am doing that, I come here for gayatri’s murder investigation, There are always three important question in every murder which is WHEN, WHERE and most important WHY and you have answer to all these questions, you did gayatri’s murder.

Some Time Before

Shivaay goes to jungle to find Gayatri there but he find nothing, gayatri’s dead body was lie down near him, he do not see and return to car.

Next day Rudra bring food for dadi but she says that I do not wish to eat, Pinky says how much that girl helped us but shivaay never control his temper.

Rudra and Jhanvi also feeling very upset. Dadi says how much close she was after being an outsider. Rudra says she is close to us.

Shivaay comes and says good morning to everyone but no one replies. He ask still you are on the topic of Annika.

Rudra says when we get angry then we give it silent treatment. Om says not fired out someone from home. Shivaay says come on she was just an employee who did a mistake and I fired her out.

Dadi ask him to look in her eyes and then say these lines again. Shivaay says she was just an outsider and we have other important issues in our life to focus on.

A Guy from behind says that you said right Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. (Here New Character comes)

He comes in and introduce himself as ACP Ranveer singh Randhawa and says that I am handling this case.

Shivaay says but our case is handling by someone ACP Rathore. ACP Ranveer says yes it was, but this case come to me because it needs a smart and strong heart officer to catch the criminal.

Shivaay says that why you are speaking dialogues in my house, go and arrest criminal. ACP says I am doing that and come here for Gayatri’s murder investigation.

Pinky and Jhanvi shocked and say Gayatri is dead. ACP says that you are behaving like you really don’t know that Gayatri was murdered.

Sahil is watching Tv and he see news that Shivaay singh Oberoi also involved in Gayatri’s murder scandal because he threaten her to kill in front of everyone. Saahil calls Annika to watch this news. She comes and shocked after watching.

Om asks ACP that when Gayatri get bail. ACP ask that your brother didn’t tell you that Gayatri get bail on medical grounds then we call mr. shivaay to inform and he says that if police can’t do this then I will end her story.

ACP says am I right Mr. shivaay. He says yes but it doesn’t mean that. ACP says  you very strong on your matters.

Pinky says what are you saying. ACP says that evidence and conditions are saying that, first Gayatri’s husband blown himself in front of you all then Gayatri starts doing attacks on you, first she do chemical attack on you, second was gas attack on your house, third she put current in water, fourth she fire on rudra, fifth she plant fake CD in your house.

ACP says that you have many reasons to get rid of her from your way. Shivaay says that I get her murder news from you, ACP says its mean that Gayatri didn’t call you last night. Shivaay says yes.

ACP says then you went to old mill to meet her where you get her dead body, you know about her every movement because you get her all calls traced and you do this to protect your family from attacks, you do well and now Gayatri will never trouble you. Every murder only have three questions that WHEN, WHERE and WHY and you have answer to all these questions, you did Gayatri’s MURDER. Shivaay to ACP that you are accusing oberois without any evidence.

ACP says that your shirt’s cuff-link is missing. Shivaay says maybe somewhere drop. ACP show his cufflink as evidence that find near gayatri’s dead body. Shivaay is shocked.

ACP tell that we also get footwear impression on crime scene which will surely match to your footwears. ACP asks shivaay to confess that he goes to old mill.

Shivaay aggressively says “I have not killed her”. Om asks him to calm down and say to ACP that shivaay can’t do this, you are telling lie.

Om says that you don’t have any eye witness. ACP asks everyone that meanwhile anyone see him in home. Everyone’s indirect response was no.

ACP ask om that do you see him at home between 11:45 P.M to 2:00 A.M. Om says no, he get a call and then he go somewhere.

ACP asks shivaay then you tell me now truly where you went tonight. Shivaay has no response.

Ishqbaaz 13th October 2016 Written Update

13 October Written Updates Over

Ishqbaaz 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update ! Annika Decide to Never Return

Ishqbaaz 12th October 2016 Written Update: Episode starts with Annika leaving Oberoi mansion.

Some Time Before

Annika says what you will exclude me from this job, I leave this job myself. Dadi stops her, Annika says you all are very good, gave much respect to me but whatever today happened, I can’t stay here after that. Annika leaves from there.

Dadi comes to Shivaay and say that you did very wrong today then Om comes and say that not just only Status decide the blood of a human but also be decided from his thinking and today you drop your status.

Soumya comes to prinku and say stop crying, I know that Annika di has gone but what’s the advantage of crying. Prinku says that Annika hadn’t any mistake, she did nothing, all were my mistake. Soumya says I know that she not did any mistake.

Prinku says that Annika was only protecting me, I have to tell all this to bhaiya. Soumya advice her to not to talk with bade bhaiya now because he is very sad, first of all you calm down then talk later. Priyanka is crying

Tia says you are looking very stressed shivaay baby, your neck muscles are so coiled, now close your eyes and try to do relax. Shivaay closes his eyes and the previous scene of Annika comes in his eyes then he opens his eyes.

Tia says don’t be so tensed baby and you know that what you did was very well, I don’t understand that how the old man like Mr. chabbra can have mistress, but yes he becomes old now and mistress is from before, anyways how can they think that priyanka’s wedding can happen with a mistress’s son, it’s ridiculous. He say exactly, She say that today Annika crossed all her limits, I mean she have to do her work, who is she that can speak in your family matter, you did right that you fired her and you know what that universe will not give her any other job, she says relax baby, only remember that whatever you did was right.

Sahil says that it’s very good that you left bagad bille’s job, in fact animals also do remember favors but SSO forgot everything, he remember nothing, tadibaaz bagad billa. He says it’s good from one side that you will get some time to spend with me at home. We will go to fly kite in evening then also eat ice balls and will go “Chowpatty” and I will never let you miss that bagad billa.

Annika says why do I miss him, I am very happy that I get leave, all time his grey eyes gaze on me. Do you know sahil that he is completely “Bilaute” he always knows that I am near him without seeing me, He always says in English that I can sense you. Now where his sense gone, if I did wrong anything then he sensed everything but how can I think that I can do this, I was saying myself to prinku that this is not good to meet without permission but I can’t also took Priyanka’s name, she get trapped then I just say lie to him and he agree, once he did see the truth of eyes, his education is useless and I don’t want to talk about him and you please don’t take his name in front of me.

Shivaay to tia that don’t take that girl’s name in front of me, she says I am sorry shivaay baby, I was just trying to relax you, he say it’s done, I am ok.

Dadi says when children do mistake then elders duty is to improve them, Billu exclude Annika, I will get her back. Jhanvi says you are right I also think that we have to bring her back. Tej comes and says no one go anywhere, shivaay took right decision and no one will change that decision.

There bua ji is explaining Annika that if you not do job then what will we eat, he say I am not going back to that home. Bua says then who will earn, I mean that what will happen to sahil.

Annika says I know that you are worried about yourself not sahil, don’t be afraid I will do something, I will find another job but will never return to that home.

Dadi to tej that still you're not much elder that will order your mother, that girl did very much for this home and you are saying that billu did right. Tej says I agree that she helped us a lot but she don’t have to interfere between our personal family matters, after all she is an outsider and outsiders should not have to speak in family matters.

Bua explaining Annika that you have not to fight with these big peoples and you will not get these good jobs daily, I think you have to go there and beg for job, bua starts insisting Annika and Om comes there. Bua ji greets Om and Annika ask her to go inside. Om says whatever happened, she says no need to say anything, and BTW it’s good that you come here, wait a minute.

Tej says Annika deserves this, shivaay clearly said her that prinku and dev should not have to meet. However she brings dev to priyanka’s room, dev is illegitimate child, and he wants to become son in law of Oberoi family.

Shakti says but dev is also son of Mr. Chabbra and his veins also have his blood and they have relation of father and son. Tej says illegitimate relation, he says that I don’t want to discuss on this anymore. Neither this relation will join again nor will Annika come back to this home.

Annika brings some important papers of oberoi mansion and return it to Om. She asks him to get these back. Om asks her that now you have nothing of oberoi mansion. She says no, nothing, please.

Om says thank you for everything. Annika recalls her beautiful memories with oberois and start crying. There shivaay is also calling his memories with Annika. O jaana song plays……

Om comes to shivaay for explaining him in his business language that when we get the best set then we should not have to leave it and today you leave best one Annika. She always prove that she is best by saving you and our family but what you did with her, only on a small mistake you insult and fired her from job. Today you did a very losing deal.

Shivaay says I bet different and Annika goes from here, the chapter is over. Om says I know you are elder from me and that’s why you always do big mistakes, you still have time to improve this mistake but you prove that neither you know about humanity nor about business.

Shivaay gets call and om ask what happen, Shivaay says that today I will end gayatri’s game and he goes from there.

Shivaay goes to jungle to find Gayatri there but he finds nothing and Gayatri is lay down near him, She is dead.

Ishqbaaz 12th October 2016 Written Update

12 October Written Updates Over