Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Written Update 23rd May 2016 of kumkum bhagya: Episode starts with everyone is in pragya's room and see that there is no money in the locker and pragya wonders that where is money. Tanu say to abhi that pragya is acting that she doesn't know where is money but the truth is that she knows everything about money because she needs it and she is theft money for her personal use.

Akash blames tanu that you can also steal money because you also need it. Tanu again blames pragya that she can do anything for money and because of this she takes everything away from abhi.

Tanu say to abhi that yesterday you ask her to give money so that's because she stole all money in advance. Akash and rachna support pragya that she can never do this and she can never steal money like this. After all this tanu again again blames pragya for steal money from locker. Abhi say STOP IT tanu, pragya can not do this, she is handling all my money from much time and also tensed about this.

There mital sits on stairs with her mother in law and sing "Dil ke armaan aasuo mei beh gaye". Mother in law say we should have to find out who stole money. Mitali asks, do you have doubt on Tanu, she says yes.

Abhi goes out from the room and pragya say to dadi that i do not able to understand where money has gone from the locker, tanu says luteri dulhan to pragya. Sarla says pragya to search properly and to remember where she save that money last time. Tanu in her mind say about pragya that you will not able to get that money, you and your mother will soon get invisible like money from the locker.

Dadi in support of pragya and say pragya is very good child and in the case of money she never loose her hands. I do believe on her and trust that money will definitely get find by her soon.

Pragya come back to her room and search for money and pray to god to help her. but, money is not present anywhere. Tanu is outside the room and happy to see her in this situation and laughing on her condition.

Pragya sits on bed and remembers that she was not open the locker again after saving money. That money is my responsibility and how i can dissolve abhi's earnings.

Tanu come back to her room and stand in front of aaliya's photoframe in joy and say, that work you was not able to do, I done it today without you, If you be present here then we definitely celebrate for this. Tanu thinks about to call nikhil an tell him this happy news.


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2016

Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Written Update 20th May 2016, Kumkum Bhagya: Episode Starts with Tanu asks bhi that why did you take time for next day from pragya. Abhi say that if I forced her then she will definitely ban my breakfast, lunch and dinner, tanu says I will make paneer parantha for you. Abhi says no thanks, it’s better if I eat this at any restaurant, then abhi sit in car and go for his work.

Tanu in his mind say, abhi thinks about his food and I am waiting for money and there nikhil is calling me again and again for money.

Mitali with her mother in law in kitchen thinking about if only that money bundle comes in my hand, so I can shop anything. Mitali also thinks that I want to stole all that money and buy a beautiful bunglow, her mother in law say that you steal my dream because I would also like to buy a beautiful bunglow of that money and both of them creates a plan to steal that money.

There pragya is thinking about tanu, why she was forcing abhi to take his share, even she has no right on that money, if abhi want some money then I will definitely give to him, but why tanu was forcing for that. She decided to take enquiry about that and go to search tanu. While searching her she asks mitali and her mother in law, where is tanu, did you see her. Both of them says we don’t know where is she. They say that she is not visible to us.

While searching tanu, pragya hears janki ji talking to her maa in room. She hears that janki ji is telling about kumkum hall has a tax charge of Rs 10 lacs and we need to pay as soon as possible. Sarla says ok we will do some arrangement but don't tell pragya about this because already she is in too worry. But, standing out of the room pragya hears everything what janki ji says to sarla ji and thinking that I have money but I can’t give it to my mom without taking permission from abhi.

Tanu comes to hospital and meet nikhil and tell her about abhi’s  Rs 1 Crore advance deal money, she says that money is not mine because of pragya. She takes all money in her under and save them on safe place.

Nikhil tells tanu an idea to stole that money because if they not able to stole money then tanu will have to manage to get out of the house forever.

Tanu comes to hospital and meet nikhil and tell her about abhi’s 1 Crore advance deal money, she says that money is not mine because of pragya. She takes all money in her under and save them on safe place.

Nikhil tells tanu an idea to stole that money because if they not able to stole money then tanu will have to manage to get out of house forever.

Pragya is in her room and thinking about tanu that where she is at night, Abhi also comes in room silently to not to disturb pragya, but she see him and asks him to help her. Abhi says no, I will not help you, pragya says why, abhi says when I call you to help me for making my song then you forget it.

Abhi asks pragya about the song she last composed "tere dinner ka de dun bill oh baby give me your dill". But pragya says that i forget that song because you kissed me. Abhi say i was offered to give you second kiss and you again remember that song, but you said me not to give kiss again.
Pragya say it couldn't be possible that you say anything and i agree. abhi say you have to agree for this, pragya say how, i forget that song.

Abhi say look up there is crow in our room, she looks there, and abhi kiss her again.

Abhi say you remember that song or I kiss again. She says yes I remember and sung that song “tere dinner ka de dun bill“.

Now pragya say him to take sleep and she also lay down on bed. Lights off and both sleep now.
When lights off, abhi threatens pragya that there is a cockroach on her bed, she shout but the cockroach was abhi’s two fingers. She again say him to sleep.

Tanu is standing outside their room and waiting for their sleep. Sarla see her and asks what you are doing here and tell her to take care of her baby otherwise all of us will throw you outside of this house. Sarla tells her to go away from here.

Tanu comes back after lights off and this time she enters in the room and search locker’s keys. she search everywhere and after all she find those keys behind pragya’s pillow and in some way she get success to take keys and go outside of the room and open locker and steal money from there according to nikhil’s plan.

There is a sound of closing the door when tanu leaves, abhi hears that and wake up, but he thinks that may be it was my dream and stands to close the window and cover pragya from blanket and say good night to her. Pragya reply him goodnight and sleep silently. Abhi thinks it’s again my dream because pragya is sleeping.

Next morning, pragya wake up and asks abhi that you cover me from blanket at night, abhi says no and why do I, pragya says ok and now go and stand in sunlight.

Pragya brings breakfast for abhi, while he was playing guitar she threatens him from behind. She ask him to eat breakfast and also to share with her.

With share word, abhi remembers about take his own shares from pragya and ask her to give his percent and pragya say him that I will give, but only 50 percent, abhi says yesssss, and take breakfast's plate and start eating without giving to her and both have quarrel and fall on the floor and bolnaa song plays……


Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2016

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Written Update 19th may 2016, Kumkum Bhagya: Everyone hugs sarla ji at home, dadi is so happy to see sarla in good condition, dasi asks if you know that pragya’s life is in danger, why didn’t you tell us, we all come with you to help pragya, sarla apologies for not telling anyone about this matter because she was in hurry to protect pragya.

Mitali say, forget about everything, because the happiest thing is that sarla aunty is ok now and from today she will cook yummy food for us.

Pragya say. Yes yes but that time mom should have to take rest and she will cook yummy food later. Everyone suggest sarla to take rest and say now we all cook yummy food together for you.

Sarla to dadi, people said that after daughther’s marriage real parents should not stay in daughter's home for more than hour but I want to stay here for few more days until pragya’s marriage matter resolves. Rachna say, now our team will become more strong. 

Tanu is in hospital with nikhil and ask him how do you change this game. Nikhil tells her full story how nurse tells lie to everyone sand saves you. Tanu thanks nikhil for saving her and give her hand in his hand. Nikhil request tanu to arrange 10 lacs rupees to pay to nurse because she done this for us.

Tanu thinks about money and say to nikhil that I will try to arrange money soon. Nikhil say to her to meet next day and if posible, with money. Tanu leaves nikhil and go to home.

Abhi comes to room and he have much pain in his head. Pragya asks what happen and start giving him lecture. Abhi says stop lecturing me and find out some solution. Pragya comes to him and asks to sit down on the floor. She asks, where is pain, he says, from head to back. She starts doing massage him with light hands.

Abhi feels so relaxed and say you are great and in funny way say, it’s good that you have my head in your hands, if it’s neck than you definitely kill me. Pragya say, if you want to crush your neck than go to tanu. Abhi remembers tanu’s massage and scared.

Tanu comes in abhi and pragya’s room and see pragya doing abhi’s massage. Tanu in bad temper ask abhi, if you have headache than why didn’t you tell me or you are enjoying because pragya is massaging you and again she quarrels with abhi and after it she leaves room. Abhi and pragya laughs on her joke of taking Tanu tablet and continue massaging.

Next morning, mitali’s mother in law order her to make tea for her, she ignore and then backtalk that made yourself. Her mother in law complain to dadi that she never hears me. Dadi backtalk, you also didn’t hear me. Purab comes and meet pragya at her room.

Tanu is coming down from stairs and tensed about arranging money to pay hospital bills and 10 lacs rupees to nurse. Purab also coming up and suddenly briefcase falls down from his hands and open. All money from straggle from briefcase, Tanu see that and plans to take this all money out from this house through abhi. Mitali and her mother in law comes to help collecting money and mitali put one bundle and hide it. Pragya see that and ask mitali to give that bundle to purab.

Abhi applause company that they give us advance for this international deal.

Tanu go behind pragya and purab to see where they are saving money and plans to get this all money through abhi. Purab pragya keeps money in their room. Purab asks pragya to take care of this money because everyones intention slips by see this money.

Pragya say that this money is saved here only for today, tomorrow I will save it to bank. Tanu is hiddenly watching everything and thinks in her mind that before this money reach to bank, I will take this all.

Tanu go to abhi’s room and help him to select his dress but abhi don’t like her selected dresses and say ask pragya she will definitely tell you what I like because she was my former wife.

Tanu says, I know pragya is everything for you because your all earned money is hers and you never know that where she invest your all money. Abhi, ofcourse in my company, tanu says open your eyes and look at yourself, you are a begger in front of her, because all money is under her and what will happen when our baby born, will he also takes money from pragya because you have nothing to give him.

Everyone is doing breakfast together on the table, Abhi and tanu comes down for breakfast, tanu slightly says abhi to get his share from pragya. He comes near pragya and in funny way I want my share. Sarla ji says why share, take whole paneer parantha, Abhi says paneer parantha ummahh, my favorite, he eats and applause the maker of this parantha and says I would like kiss makers hands.

Sarla says yes ofcourse, so kiss pragya hands because she makes paneer due to which parantha made tasty.

Now Everyone force abhi to kiss pragya hands for made this tasty parantha and afterall abhi, in front of everyone kiss her hands and song plays Bolnaa….

Everyone claps and happy on this moment.

Abhi again asks what about my share, pragya says we will talk about this later according to whose work is more important.


Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2016

Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Written Update 18th May 2016, Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya tells nurse that she can do anything to hide her lie. Sarla also tells nurse about her truth that the admitted patient is her real husband and she is going to become his baby’s mother and that person who is with her is my daughter’s husband. Sarla say to nurse now only you that can help us to tell this truth in front of abhi.

Nurse say to sarla and pragya that you don’t take tension, I am with you and now we have proof against tanu is her filled form and admitted patient and now in few minutes we will expose her truth.

Doctor is checking tanu for the reason behind her stomach pain. Abhi also tensed about tanu that why is she having too much pain. Doctor comes out with tanu and tells abhi she is alright but may be this pain happen due to stress and tension which is normal for a pregnant woman and you take care of her.

After checkup abhi asks tanu what’s happening today, first you tell me lie for doctor’s appointment reschedule and then you are here without informing me and now all this happen in hospital that the admitted patient is your husband, now I want to clear all this confusion. Tanu say that you have doubt on me because of that pragya, you are asking me, abhi I am you future wife and I love you and I want to marry you, so why you have so many doubts on me. Ok, now if you again doubt on me then I will left you forever with this baby and never come to you again.

Abhi and tanu comes down after checkup and pragya asks tanu’s condition. Abhi tells, doctor said to take care of her. Pragya taunting that yes, you should care of her because the way is too hard to cross, so, take every step carefully.

Nurse  comes there and asks tanu and abhi to go down for form checking, FIR report and to see patient. Tanu pleads that she can’t go down because doctor said her to not walk. Nurse say ok if you can’t go down then we take your form and your patient up here and nurse go to take Nikhil up. Tanu again scared if abhi see Nikhil and my signature on form then I will get expose in front of him and abhi will left me forever.

At home mitali is worried from summer weather and eat some ice cream, that time Raj comes in kitchen to drink water and ask to mitali that what is happening in home and what about sarla aunty, is she alright. Mitali ignore him and continue to eat.  Raj ask why are you not answering me.

Mitali says why do I give answer, whether I know or not I will not give answer to you. Today you goes to meet children at hostel without me, do you ever think about me that how I feel, is they are not my children, what my children were thinking about me that their mother not comes to meet them with their father.

Whenever you come to home, you never talks to me, I think that now there is another girl in your life, if this is true then give me divorce now.

Raj raise hand against her and dasi stops him to not do this. She comes to mitali and say that I will talk to raj about this and mitali tearfully go from there. Dasi is also tensed about this situation.

In Hospital nurse goes down to take tanu’s filled form and Nikhil too. Nurse go to Nikhil room and say now tanu will get exposed when Mr. abhi see that. Nikhil hears that and open his eyes in room.

Pragya thinks in her mind that in few minutes tanu’s secret will get exposed in front of abhi and he will throw her out from his life and tanu is very afraid of her exposure in front of abhi.

Sarla calms abhi that in some minutes your confusion will be clear that what is truth, abhi said that I am not able to understand what kind of truth you all want to show me. Sarla say I know my son but everything will clear soon that what I want to tell you and comes to tanu for saying wait and watch what will happen next when abhi see Nikhil and your signature on form.

Lift comes and all game has changed, there is another guy sitting on the wheel chair and nurse ask him that is she your wife, he said no she is not my wife nurse again asks to the patient, but he says no she is not my wife, nurse show form to abhi and he sees that there is signature of tiny name that is differ from name Tanu. Pragya comes and checks that it’s true the sign is of tiny and she wonders that how is it possible.

Tanu again starts her drama and scold nurse that you don’t know that I am pregnant and after all you are getting me worried about this. Abhi also scolds nurse and go from there.

Tanu wonders about nikhil that where is he and how is this possible that nikhil is not here. But she is happy about this miracle.

Sarla ji get nurse in a side and scold her that why did you tell lie for that. We were thinking that you will help us but you cheat and changed nikhil from another person. Pragya say her maa to get back to home and we should not have to trust on her.

There nikhil in a room remembers how he change the whole game.

(When nurse come back down to take nikhil up, that time he was conscoius and nurse ask him to tell truth to your family that is waiting on first floor. Nikhil tightly wrap her neck with stethoscope and tell her not to say truth and change file and form and me too as patient. Nikhil say if you do this for me then i will give you 10 lacs else i will kill you and your family, nurse agrees and do these changes for nikhil)

Nurse comes to room and tell abhi that i have done whatever you said, but remember to pay me 10 lacs before leaving hospital, otherwise i know all the secrets about you and tanu and i can tell abhi sir if you don't pay me money and she leaves.

Pragya comes to tanu, your fate is good today but never thinks that you will not be exposed, game is not over, tanu says whatever, but today i won, and in game we never see tricks.

Pragya and sarla comes to home and everyone is happy to see sarla there on her feets. Dasi hugs her and asks when all this happen.


Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2016

Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Written Update 17th May 2016, Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi comes to hospital and finding doctor's cabin. Tanu thinks that abhi is gone now but why he is here & it’s good that he didn’t see me. Then, she turn back and see that abhi is standing in front of her, she flinch by see him and asks, you are here.

abhi backtalk her and ask why you are here and what are you doing here and what you are looking here and there.

You told me lie that doctor has cancelled your appointment and reschedule it to the next week. Receptionist call me in morning and said she had made no call to change appointment, why didn’t you tell me that, answer me, why and by looking your face it seems that you are hiding something from me.

Tanu said yes, I am hiding something personal from you, abhi asks what, tanu says I  want to meet doctor lonely because I am pregnant woman and asks doctor something personal for me and my baby. That’s why I lied you about this matter.

Both had a quarrel in hospital and one of the nurse comes and say this is a hospital, not your home, if you want to quarrel then go to your home and then abhi say her to meet doctor now.

Sarla & pragya reach hospital for checkup of sarla after her sudden activity in previous minutes. Sarla ask why we are here, pragya say because of my satisfaction you should meet doctor.

There abhi was tensed for where is doctor for tanu’s checkup, other side tanu is tensed about nikhil and thinks how she throw off from all this situation to see nikhil.

Abhi asks tanu, where is your purse, tanu say, is my purse more important than me. Abhi says you meet the doctor and I will come back with your purse. Tanu scared about if abhi go to find my purse then definitely he will see nikhil there and then how will I justify to abhi about nikhil.

Pragya asks for dr. Srivastav for her mother’s checkup at reception and nurse navigate them to the doctor’s cabin.

While searching tanu’s purse abhi see that who is in the operation theatre, due to doctor and his team hedge patient in theatre, he was not able to recognize who was that.

Then, one of his big fan meet there which was gay and ask abhi to take selfie with him. Abhi give selfie with him and takes excuse for doing his work.

Before he see nikhil, Tanu comes up and stop abhi to come closer to the operation theatre. Then abhi see that sarla and pragya was there, abhi is so happy to see sarla there and goes to hug her and asks when did this happen. Tanu scared of see them at hospital and in some way she say abhi that we should have to go now to meet doctor for checkup. But abhi again comes to sarla ji and have a word in her ear about pragya that she was in so attitude but now she looks happy she is so caring for you aunty and then leave them to meet doctor.

Sarla ji and pragya talks to each other about tanu’s lie to abhi and then sarla ji have an eye on nikhil there and she thinks that the god is with us and they also want that tanu’s secret should now be expose in front of abhi and you and abhi reunite.

Then, nurse come to the operation theatre in a bad temper and ask about nikhil's wife miss tanushree. Sarla ji also helps nurse and say that she is on the ground floor and please you call her up to meet doctor here too. This all be done by sarla and pragya to expose tanu in front of abhi.

Sarla says to pragya when god is helping us so, why we shouldn’t do this to expose tanu. That way tanu’s game will over forever.

Purab comes back to home and asks rachna about any phone call from office. Akash also comes there and purab tell them about the full scene of tanu and nikhil.

Purab says sorry for that and leave for important office work. Rachna and akash decided to tell this full story to dadi and goes.

Abhi and tanu is in doctor’s cabin and discussing something important about tanu’s baby. But, tanu is in hurry and in some way she get out of doctor’s cabin. (Tanu is doing this all to meet nikhil who is in operation theatre.)

Abhi say to tanu, today you are treating in a different manner, is any problem.

While moving down from stairs, nurse stop her and asks what kind of lady are you, your husband is admitted and you didn’t file FIR.

Tanu lie to nurse, my husband is not admitted here. Abhi also say that may be you have misunderstanding about this because she is my wife.

Pragya & sarla ji also comes there and advice them to clear confusion by checking filled form. Tanu is in too pressure and fully scared because no one is with her to protect.

Abhi goes to check the form and patient and then that time tanu start acting that she have very much pain in her stomach. Doctor also comes and get her to his cabin for checkup.

Nurse also said about tanu that, such a big lier she is.


kumkum bhagya 17th May 216