Ishqbaaz 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update ! Shivaay's Marriage Happen Soon

Ishqbaaz 28th September 2016 Written Update: Episode starts with tia say mom wants that our marriage should happen tomorrow, Shivaay ask Annika to do preparations for his marriage Songs playssss… O Jaanaa..

Some Time Before

Tia to Shivaay, there is one condition for this voting, Shivaay ask what, she say mom wants that our marriage should happen son, mom and dad will give their vote to you after marriage. Dadi, is this marriage or deal, she say I am only saying that mom wants however, our companies will merge after marriage, it’s 36000 crore deal and mom say when marriage happens then why not now.

Rudra, why do now, Pinky say why you want all these too fast. Tia says Shivaay push marriage date too many times and mom wants marriage should happen soon, btw board meeting is happen day after tomorrow so that’s why mom wants marriage should happen tomorrow. Dadi, what you are saying, Tia say we do marriage tomorrow and then do grand reception after it. Jhanvi, relations can’t join force fully, sorry to say but this blackmailing, Tia say you are not wrong, if marriage was not going to happen then it will be a deal. But marriage have to happen, we only doing pre-poned, I am sure Shivaay is also agree.

Dadi, billu’s marriage in one day, pinky, nothing can possible in one day, Tia say at least you support me I know you all want that marriage should happen soon and also your pandit said marriage should happen in one month, I am only saying your heart talk. Pinky says you are saying right marriage had to happen, so why not tomorrow and we will keep reception and big parties after it. She ask Shivaay are you ready. Annika comes there and music playssss….

Tia ask Shivaay I know you need some time but bard meeting is tomorrow, then you have only today’s time. I will wait for your call, take care, she goes from there.

Shivaay goes from there, jhanvi to pinky, you come with me. Annika ask Dadi, what happen dadi, she say nothing we will talk later. She goes.

Annika, why everyone is worried today, she takes newspaper and see tej and shakti scandal, she talk herself that the scandal reach to the press, everyone will then be upset. Jhanvi to pinky, it is blackmailing, kapoors are not taking this relation, they are snatching.

Rudra to Om, lady baba is doing marriage on gunpoint, she will come in this home permanently, my scary dream will come true.

Pinky to jhanvi, then what’s too fast in this, marriage had also happen before. She say that Shivaay thinks crock to his marriage, whenever see he pushes his car forward.

Om, if Shivaay was pushing date then it doesn’t mean that kapoors do these activities, relation decisions should take with heart not compulsion and they are coercing Shivaay, he has to say no.
Jhanvi, definitely Shivaay has to say wrong, mrs. Kapoor threaten Shivaay if he not do this then she will not help him in his business deal.

Rudra say deal deal deal, bhaiya should not have to spoil his life for only one deal, he will say no, he knows that I have problem from her.

Om, relax rudra it’s not about you, it’s about Shivaay it’s serious, Rudra, before she become my bhabhi, I will leave this home forever or I will go out to stay in outhouse but this will not need to do, bhaiya will never say yes for marriage.

Pinky, Shivaay will never say no, how can he loose this big deal, and if there Is a question about preparations then we are oberois, we will do oh my mata only in one night, now I only want to listen shivaay's yes.

Om to rudra, I just hope that  shivaay will say no to this marriage deal.

Shivaay on phone, do you think we can complete this deal without taking help from outside, ok. He cuts the phone and collides with Annika.

Annika, door was open then I come, He ask what do you want, she say you, you are very worries, & everyone in this home is worried, if only I could help you. Shivaay ask but why do you want to help me, this is my family’s problem. Annika say because I can’t see anyone stressed in this family. Shivaay, because you work here, she say yes, but this is my best friend’s home, this house if dadi who never feels me outsider.

Annik say I am only saying that your fathers had blames but I fell michimichi when injustice happens to anyone, can I do something for you, I can’t think that I can do anything. He says no, something is what you can do. She says I want to do anything. He says start do preparation for my marriage, I and tia will doing marriage tomorrow. Song plays…… Shivaay goes.

Jhanvi to prinku, due to this deal Shivaay is saying yes for this marriage, this is not just right. Dadi, puttar, there is very big difference between gaining love and snatching love, it seems tia is threatening us to join relations with us.

Rudra to Soumya, now lady baba will come to this house and I will have to see her daily, its better if if I tie strip on my eyes and become maan dhaari. Soumya says it’s “Gandhari” ok. Rudra, if she comes in this home then everything will destroy, oh I think something is happening to me, please check me Soumya. She say shut up you are not ill, I think you have to support bhaiya’s decision.
Pinky to her servant, do your best work then I will give gold chain to everyone.

Om to Riddhima, Shivaay is not handling situation in right way, She say that’s Shivaay, once he took decision then it is. He say no, big decisions do not taken very fast, I have to talk with Shivaay.
Sahil on phone with Annika, what, bagad billa is doing marriage tomorrow, are you telling truth or not, Annika, once I said that marriage is happen tomorrow then why you are continuously asking this question again and again, he said me to do preparations in one day, who can do this big preparation in a day, who takes big decisions in one day, he have to think once, he only said me that tomorrow is my marriage, it’s not halwa that can be prepared as soon as possible.

Sahil, your job is to get him married, you were saying that when date will come then I will do all in one day, then what’s now, I am stressed because there is too much work here and son he will get marriage and my job will over but you don’t worry I will soon find another job. All people here are very good in nature, I know I will recall them all but whenever I want I can come here to meet all family members. Sahil ask what about billu ji. Annika says that you are just wasting my times, you only think about gossips, nothing else. Now I am ending call because I have so much work here, I will talk to you later.

Shivaay say that this marriage is deal for him, Om say I am not talking about business I am talking about marriage, we can take heart, give heart but can’t sell it. Shivaay say from where this comes. Om says that I wish best for tia but she can’t be your life partner. Shivaay say this marriage is important for me and if I don’t do this then we just become laughing stock in our business industry. Om says that I think you will change your decision. He say Shivaay singh oberoi never change his decision. Rudra say due to this tashan you will spoil your life, think once how can you spend your whole life with a girl who do not loves you. We do wedding to which we love.

Om, rudra is right, if we want love someone then we should agree and if want to live whole life together then Ishbaazi is important. Rudra say that’s the keyword, I know you are Shivaay singh oberoi, once you take decision then never changes, but why, what your height will decrease, ok if you don’t want to change then not, but brake this relationship and blame on me.

Shivaay says you both are mad, I am wedding not purchasing any tie that I change my decision if I not like this color. Tia and I are perfect for each other, we are equal partners. Om, partners do not deals on gunpoint like tia is doing with you, Shivaay say not tia her parents and if i was there instead of them then I will also do this. I know this wedding is a deal in which two business houses are meeting, if today our family is in problem and kapoors want us to bail out and want something in exchange then what’s the problem, it’s only practical.

Om says Humans needs love to live life with money but you will never understands, only your heart will understand this, then try to convince yourself, but you know that you are not happy with this wedding. Shivaay ask what do you want from me, you want that I hear only my heart instead of thinking about to come out from the crisis in which we are, believe me my heart says nothing to me. Rudra, it says but you never listen. Shivaay ask what my heart says. Rudra say ANNIKA…. Song plays…….Annika is also crying for Shivaay.

Ishqbaaz 28th September 2016 Written Update

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Ishqbaaz 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update ! Shakti Ask Tej For Teerth Yatra

Ishqbaaz 27th September 2016 Written Update: Episode starts with Tia saying whatever I am going to say is voice is mine and words are of my mom, I know you want to overtake saraswati steels, but there is shortage of 2 votes in board of directors. Mom and dad want to give their votes to you, but on one condition, mom wants that our marriage should happen tomorrow.

Some Time Before

Shivaay is thinking about gayatri’s blame on his dads, Rudra comes and give Prasad to him and say that mom went to siddhivinayak temple and bring Prasad for us. Shivaay say thank you. Rudra ask why you are so stressed. Om asks rudra, don’t you know what’s happing in our house and why Shivaay is stressed. Rudra say I know that crisis are running in our home, but I know that our fathers are innocent and now case has progress that gayatri was not taking out that CD, she was planting it there. Om, it does not prove that the footage is fake. Rudra say do you know “naariyal ke laddu” that dadi makes, how tasty they are, lie is also like that, once it starts speaking then again and again speaks. Shivaay say that we can’t give “naariyal sweet” example to police, we need to give them proof.

Pinky is thinking about gayatri’s accuse on oberoi’s family. Shakti call him to ask about file on which last night he was working on, he ask where you have lost, I am asking about the file. Pinky say that I am thinking about that girl in CD who suicides, many negative thoughts coming in my mind. This makes shakti aggressive and he say that you think that we have relation with that CD and girl. Look at your home and tell me the name of any servant that is working in our home, he aggressively goes from there.

Rudra say I got the idea, come here. He say that I get idea after eating Prasad and the idea is that whenever you feel scared, close your eyes and leave it. Om say you mean we leave it on god. Rudra say Annika di. Shivaay say from where she comes here. Rudra say that there are two peoples who saves oberoi family, one is the great wall of Shivaay singh oberoi and other is super girl Annika and I am sure that she is making a solid plan to saves us.

Annika lies on bed with sahil and thinking about oberoi family’s crisis, she take side turn and mistakenly she hit sahil, when second time this happens he wakes up and ask that you are recalling your scooty champa. She says no. he says then why you are continuously kicking me, tell me you are not sleepy. She take side turn and say I am tensed about billu ji, when I am trying to sleep then his kanji eyes coming in front of me, I feel bad whenever I see him in stress.

Sahil ask you do much care of billu ji, she says no, I am thinking about whole family. He say but you are talking about SSO. She says yes it’s his family and I am feeling bad that someone blames big on his family. I am unable to sleep due to this suspense. Sahil say don’t take so tension about billu ji he have much mind to think on this matter, you sleep and I also and if you are not feeling sleepy then don’t kick me, good night.

 Annika take side turn and think about the CD suspense….

Tia gets her mom’s call from hospital. She is trying to emotionally blackmail her and cuts the phone when tia argues. Robin asks what happen. She says you won’t believe that what mom said me to do.

Next Day Shakti asks tej to go for teerth yatra. He say are you out of your mind, you want that I leave this all business and go for teerth yatra. Shakti says we do offence and we need to go there to pray for it. Tej say that I only want to come out from this crisis and whatever we do in business is fair and according to the need of business, weak peoples like you goes to “teerth yatra”, not tej singh oberoi.

Dadi comes and say you are right tej, no problem can reach you because you are too tall but remember one thing, sometimes an ant can make elephant to fall down, and whoever goes to bend in front of “Maata” he/she never needs to bent in front of anyone in world, dadi please him and Jhanvi, pinky supports. At last tej say if family wish that I have to go then I will.

Annika is preparing sahil’s bag for school, he says today is arts period so please put drawing book in bag. While preparing his bag she puts bottle in it then she wears her sleepers inversely. Sahil ask what will happen to you, are you thinking about SSO, She say I am thinking about whole family, she ask him that what should he say to billu ji that I am with you or I can’t do anything for you. Sahil say I understand everything but you didn’t understand yet. She say leave it and let’s go to school, you are getting late.

Riddhima comes to om and hug her, she ask what happen to you, is anyone say something to you, he says no, I am thinking about lie in eyes of my fathers, if this blames become true then I will have to choose one thing, family or truth, riddhima says don’t create negative thoughts for your family, in fact I give statement in press in support of your family, you should have to believe on your family, I also believe you and your family.

Shivaay is talking to someone on phone and saying that we need votes, it’s very important for us to take over, now mittal empire is backed off, we always support them, ok do whatever you can. Pinky comes in and asks Shivaay to come out for some important discussion.

Riddhima and om talking about shortage of space in their lives, om says I am trying to balance space and relationship between us. Riddhima say you take time, I am always with you. Om hugs her.

Shivaay comes down and find tia there, he hugs her and she say that I am daily chanting for you and your family, one day you will get out from this crisis, Shivaay say I will handle this, you don’t need to be worried. She say I am sure, my mom was telling me that there is a problem in you latest opposition. Mittal and pareeks are backing out and they are not supporting you. Shivaay says problems always happens in business, it’s normal, please sit down. He ask robin too to have sit.

Shivaay ask how is aunty, Tia say she has nervous breakdown due to this marriage, she is in hospital. Dadi, why didn’t you tell us? She says everything was happened very fast, doctors want her under observation for some days. Tia to Shivaay, my mom wants to help you in this deal. Dadi ask her to tell clearly, she says whatever I am going to say, in this, voice is mine but words are of mom.

We know that you want to take over saraswati steels Shivaay baby, but there is a shortage of 2 votes in board of directors. We can help, he ask how, she say sometime before my dad did major investment in that company, he is sleeping partner in that company, but my parents still have right to vote in board of directors and you can takeover saraswati steels if mom and dad gives you their votes and of course this will be a great news due to which media will not focus on CD scandals, Shivaay ask, but why they vote for us. Pinky says because they are in our relation. He say that mean a lot, she say but there is one condition on this vote.

Ishqbaaz 27th September 2016 Written Update

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Ishqbaaz 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update ! Shivaay Comes For Visarjan

Ishqbaaz 26th September 2016 Written Update: Episode starts with Annika saying if billu ji not comes it doesn’t mean that visarjan will not happen. we will do visarjan, who will come with me. Dadi, prinku, soumya, jhanvi and pinky says that we will come with you. Annika say then today visarjan will done by oberoi ladies. She pick up ganpati idol and shivaay come to support her.

Some Time Before

Dadi ask what happen annika, did you talk with billu, she say he will not come. Tia say when shivaay didn’t listen me then how he listen annika, Annika to dadi, don’t get worried, if cock not give baang then it doesn’t mean that morning not happen. Tia say baang, what’s it. Annika say I mean that if he doesn’t come then it doesn’t mean then visarjan will not happen, it’s his wish if he don’t want to come, we will do visarjan, who will come with me. Rudra, if bhaiya is not coming then we will not go. Om, we did this together and will do this together. Dadi say I will come with you then prinku, soumya, jhanvi and pinky also agreed to go with annika.

Annika say then today oberoi ladies will do visarjan, if boys don’t want to come then it’s their wish, let’s go. She picks up ganpati idol and shivaay comes to support her.

Om and rudra crouch…. Everyone is happy to see billu…. But tia feels jealous of seeing them together.

Dadi say that feed some sweet to ganpati ji before giving farewell, I come with sweet curd. Rudra comes to tia and say lady baba someone persuade bhaiya, I mean that universe want annika di to persuade shivaay bhaiya.

Dadi feed sweet to ganpati and say ganpati bappa morya, let’s go for visarjan. Tia asks Dadi to take selfie with oberoi family and bappa to upload in my facebook account. Shivaay say that last time when you upload my photo with you then much spectacle happened. Tia say it’s not fair, media did spectacle not pictures, now can we have a pic. She takes out her phone and starts taking selfie. She asks rudra to do little pout. Rudra say I have policy to not pout in front of bappa. Tia ask om to tie his hairs, should I give you band. Om says my hairs are OK.

Annika comes to tia and catch her bracelet before it drops. Tia see this and ask her what you are doing with my purse and why you take my bracelet, you know how much expensive and delicate it is. If you want it then you should ask me but without my permission you take this, it’s theft.

Annika say that i was not stealing this, it was falling and I catch it to get it back into your purse. Tia say keep it I don’t have any problem. Annika put her bracelet back to her purse and say “I AM KEEPING BACK IT INTO PURSE LIKE THIS”.

Shivaay say if Annika is saying that she is keeping it into your purse then it is, so don’t make issues. Tia says when I say that she theft, I only react. Dadi says it’s visarjan time let’s go. All goes for Visarjan together.

Bua ask sahil what happen, you were very tweeting, my Annika di will come to show me pandaals, she left you alone. Sahil say I know what you are doing. You are trying to inflame me against Annika di but It will never happen, she is great, she is SSOO. Bua ask what is that. Sahil say SSOO means organizer of Shivaay singh oberoi. People in world not able to put up their loads but my sister do this for 12 people. Bua ask who 12.

He say one me, one she, and ten you. Bua say then less some load from her, go and earn money. Right now she is earning but if needed then I will also go for earn.

Rudra is sad because bappa gone from home. Shivaay say hence we say that soon come next year. Rudra say it feels empty, He ask how can anyone dance on this situation. Prinku says everyone has its own way to say bye. Soumya say at least we could say goodbye to bappa, otherwise people goes from our life and we can’t even say them good bye last time. BTW today visarjan is happened due to Annika di. Rudra say that she has magical powers that only work on bhaiya. She does magic and bhaiya do everything whatever she says. Shivaay say shut up.

Rudra ask Shivaay to compare Annika di from lady baba, she accuses Annika di and when she was speaking that she was keeping back not taking out. Shivaay call this moment again and relate this to gayatri theft case that she was also keeping that CD in locker not taking out. Shivaay to rudra that you were saying that why someone keep proof against himself in his locker.

Om says it’s logical. Rudra says I have to be in CBI. Shivaay say when bade papa and chote papa were saying that they have no relation with that CD then it's only have one explanation that Annika was saying, gayatri didn’t take that CD out, she was planting it there. Rudra say it's mean that CD was not there, gayatri plant it. Shivaay say thats her intention is to show that CD in front of everyone and that’s why she did drama and caught. Soumya say wow bhaiya you solve this mystery.

Dadi say you see billu that while ganpati was going he takes problems with him, you were sad but bappa not only see he also show ways and that’s ganesh ji’s graciousness, see there.

Tej and Shakti come back…. Everyone is happy……

Tej say inspector thinks if he keep us there few more time then Shivaay will make his life difficult. Shakti says nothing was found in that CD, everything was fake but truth is that we don’t know about that lady. Shivaay say I know papa, gayatri plant that CD in locker. Tej say she was very fast. Shivaay say it’s not over whether she plant CD there but it remains to proof that you have no hand behind that girl’s suicide, we have to prove that you trapped by someone.

Jhanvi gives siddhivinayak Prasad to Tej, he apologies her for never giving credit to her, he say that we start our journey of Airlines Business together and I move forward and left you behind by blaming you for relationships, do you remember that we were friends first then become husband wife, this marriage brakes our friendship. She also says sorry to him that she always fights with her. Tej say everything will be alright when I will come out from this crisis. She says that I am ever with you in any crisis. Tej hugs jhanvi.

Annika was going and Om, Rudra comes there. Rudra ask where are you going, She say home. He ask her to give that magic stick from which she do magic on bhaiya and he start following you. Since you come, bhaiya leave to throw his phone like this, while doing this action Shivaay see him and rudra say that I have to go for studies and he goes from there. Om to Shivaay, we only come here to thanks Annika for convincing you for visarjan, you should also have to thank her. Shivaay to Annika, you have to go because there will be much traffic on roads, I will say my driver to drop you at your home, take care. He goes from there and Om thanks to Annika, she say bye.

Ishqbaaz 26th September 2016 Written Update

26 September 2016 Written Updates 

Ishqbaaz 25th September 2016 Written Episode Update ! Oberoi Girls going for Visarjan

Ishqbaaz 25th September 2016 Written Update: Annika say to tia that if shivaay won't come then it's his choice, We will do visarjan, Prinku, soumya, jhanvi and pinky says we also. Annika say then today all oberoi ladies will do visarjan together, if boys do not want to come then it's their wish and she say 'GANPATI BAPPA' and everyone say 'MORYA'.


Ok Now, yet you see that shivaay is not agreed for visarjan until his both fathers come back to home. I think this BAGAD BILLA have to understand that tradition can't be stop.

As dadi said that Tej and Shakti's case is the sign of future storms then HOW Bagad billa, lambe hairs wala and dumb boy rudra handle this situation, will they fly in storm or try to solve this issue and I think that rudra keeps continue to weep.

Tia said that if god wants tej and shakti uncle in police station then what anyone can do. HAHAHA, Instead of chilling shivaay she is raising his aggression and at last Shivaay say hAvE yOu lOsT iT.

Prinku call Annika to come to oberoi's home because dadi is so tensed. OH ReAlly, Look at this girl instead of managing dadi she is calling that outsider, oh its mean prinku can't handle her dadi and she wants someone to manage this.

What A Great story running GuYs.

THERE IS NO UPDATE TODAY GUYS PLEASE WATCH "Prem  Ratan Dhan Payo" only on Star Plus.

Ishqbaaz 25th September 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 24th September 2016 Written Episode Update ! Shivaay Say No For Visarjan

Ishqbaaz 24th September 2016 Written Update: Episode starts with Shivaay say If you want to do visarjan then go but I will not go until papa and bade papa not comes at home. Annika say to shivaay that I can understand you feeling bad because god is not with you, but how can god do this wrong with oberoi family, but one thing I want to tell you Billu ji that god sees everyone and everything is equal for them whether it is oberoi or any other.

Some Time Before

Rudra comes and ask his brothers that due to bade papa and chote papa that lady suicides. Om signs shivaay to not tell anything to him.

Annika ask bua why did you give stale food to sahil, I know I forget to throw it in dustbin but once you have to ask me. Bua say you have to tell me that it's stale food, otherwise I will not give it to my child.

Sahil say she wants to go in bagad bille’s house and she didn’t get time to tell that. Annika say how can you think that. Sahil, you don’t have any care of me, go from here to show ganpati pandaal to bagad bille and his dadi. Annika apologies sahil but he doesn’t listen.

Shivaay say rudra that people have work to say anything to others but we don’t have to believe and listen them. We only believe “Dil Bole Oberoi”, our family is very respective and honest that's why it is on the top of the business, people try to fall peoples who are on the top, they speak lies, rumors that can be hear but not true.

This time we have to believe our dads. Rudra say I believe on you because I believe on my family, he say emotional to om, you believe on anyone’s side stories and because of this you trapped in ishana’s case. Om, Rudra and Shivay says “Dil bole Oberoi”. Rudra ask om to say with feel. Shivaay ask rudra to eat something, he replies to eat noodles. Shivaay say I will cook noodles for you.

Annika say sahil to not angry and eat this, he says no. She say if you don’t want to eat then bantu will. He ask who is bantu, she say he is pigeon and start telling her story and she feed whole food to sahil and at last sahil say to annika that I will eat myself and take plate from her. I am not a kid who will trap in your story. Annika say you are a kid whom I unable to give his childhood and she apologies again from sahil, he say don’t become much senti, you don’t let me show some aggression. She kiss him.

Shivaay to rudra, never do aggression on food, why you are not eating food. Rudra, you also did not eat. Shivaay feed him and then rudra feed him one bite. Shivaay ask rudra to call om too to eat, he gets call and goes.

Now soumya comes to rudra and say I know you are upset hence you are eating noodles, not diet food. Whenever I feel stressed I eat noodles. Soumya ask him to share with her but rudra say that I never share my food. Soumya ask now what will happen. Rudra say now you will gaze on my noodles, she say I am not talking about noodles, I m talking about your dad. Rudra say shivaay bhaiya will handle this. She pick a folk and start eating noodles with him and say that these noodles resembles mallika's hair, He smiles. She say something is missing and it’s ketchup, he say that my brother cook this for me. She say to put these noodles in his bank locker, typical boy, don’t want to share anything, neither noodles nor problems. He say ok and take half from it, you want to tell me something about romi in party, She tells but shivaay’s voice make them to listen what he is talking.

Shivaay gets call from police station to inform that shakti and Tej singh oberoi can't come home. He aggressively throw his bluetooth from his ear. jhanvi comes and ask, what happening. He say that ACP Rathore is handling this case and he said that they can't come home tonight because enquiry is running there in the case.

Pinky say 'OH MY MATA' it's mean that jeth ji and your father will stay in police station tonight. Om, Definitely the evidence is too strong, otherwise no one can stop a business tycoon in police station. Shivaay, point to think is that who is behind all these.

Om say not behind all these, think who is behind this offence, one girl suicide, and a man burn himself and both accuses on oberoi family. Rudra comes and say shivaay bhaiya is right, why anyone will save his crime proof in locker. Shivaay, this time is not to bog down in these discussions. my first priority is to take them home back.

Next day Annika and sahil wake up, she ask for his health, sahil say I am feeling better but when I will see 20-30 ganpati pandaals then I will feel too much better and I will take selfie with Ganesh ji and his parents.

Annika gets call from prinku, she say that dadi is so tensed because shivaay bhaiya say no for visarjan, so please you come and she cuts the phone.

Sahil say don’t become senti now and when you come back then take me to show 50 ganpati pandaals, now go to bagad bille.

Shivaay say our family is in crisis and you all think that we have to go for visarjan. Pinky explains him that every year bappa comes to our home and if we not good bye him then how he will come back next year. Jhanvi also comes and try to explain him that pinky is right and you have to go for visarjan.

Shivaay not understand and say that until ‘bade papa’ and ‘chote papa’ come back to home, I will not go for visarjan.

Om explain him that this is our tradition and we have to complete this, every year when bappa comes to our home, we do commitment to welcome him and then good bye according to tradition, Dadi say try to understand billu. Shivaay say I respect our tradition but there is another tradition in our home that without ‘bade papa’ and ‘chote papa’ this visarjan is incomplete.

Shivaay goes in front of bappa’s idol and say that we never do shortage in your devotion but this time you do wrong with us. Tia comes to him and say if bappa wants to keep tej and shakti uncle in trouble then what anyone can do on this. Shivaay say have you lost it, do you know what are you saying, my dad are trapped in a legal hassle due to fake accuse.

Dadi ask shivaay why you are aggressive, do you think that we are in trouble or thinking that oberoi’s name is not able to get them out from this trouble. he say both, he say I m feeling bad because they are in police station due to wrong blames and also from myself that I am unable to get them out.

Shivaay say that I will not be the part of this visarjan until my they come back.

Annika comes and ask dadi that can I do something for you, dadi, if you want then talk to billu and get his confidence back because you are the only one that can talk to billu openly. Annika goes and tia feels jealous of this.

Soumya to dadi, everything will be alright and soon tej uncle and shakti uncle will come back to home. Rudra copies her words and mistakenly he also says uncles to his fathers. Dadi, I know what you both want to say, my heart brake but not hope so you both go and sit with ganesh ji.

Tia comes and ask Dadi that why did you send annika to explain Shivaay, he is very disturbed and you shouldn’t have to send her. Dadi, I only send her to talk, may be shivaay agree.

Annika comes to shivaay, he say why you come here, to convince me, whatever you say it will not change my decision. Annika say I know that you will not change your decision. I come here to say that if you will not do visarjan then I will do.

Shivaay say you will do oberoi’s ganpati visarjan, Annika say someone has to do if you are not coming. I know you are feeling bad that god is not with you but you ever once think about dadi, you are giving pain to her, you have to go because you are big brother. I can’t say about god because I also not have good connection with them. He asks what, she say it’s about you, not me. Shivaay do not respond and annika say that nothing will happen to you kanji aankhon wale bagad bille. Annika say “I am going” three times and she goes when shivaay do not respond

Ishqbaaz Episode 87 Written Updates

Ishqbaaz 24th September 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update ! Tej and Shakti goes Police Station

Ishqbaaz 23rd September 2016 Written Update: Episode starts with Inspector Play that CD in which a girl is saying that Tej and shakti singh oberoi are responsible for her death. Tej say that I have never seen this girl and I do not have any relation from this CD. Inspector asks tej and shakti to go police station. Shivaay stops inspector to take them to police station.

Some Time Before

Tej say why you need this CD, Inspector say this is prove against this lady, Shivaay say that this lady come here to stole any other thing, she trapped so she making stories, do anything with her very strongly but try to keep her. Inspector say you are right but I need to watch this CD, Tej say you have doubt on us, you don’t know who we are and what can do, you have no idea.

Inspector says that I am only doing my duty. Tej, now you will do this at your home because I am going to get you suspend. He calls home minister. Dadi stops him and ask, are you hiding something, he says no, she say let police do their work. Dadi gives CD to inspector and say him to find out the truth.

Rudra ask what’s happening, shivaay say nothing, Om say I think something is going to be big. shivaay, don’t worry I am here. Om say this time is not for great wall of shivaay, I think that whatever is in this CD is not good for our family, Shivaay say I hope you are wrong.

Tej silently say if my mother didn’t speak then I force down his uniform.

Inspector ask constable to play CD, Annika’s phone rings, Inspector ask who is she. Shivaay say she is part of our family, her phone continuously rings and shivaay aggressively ask her to pick up phone.

Annika pick up sahil’s phone and say that I am in oberoi’s house and will late tonight, she cuts phone without listening him. Sahil starts vomit and her bua comes and feel happy to see sahil in that condition.

Constable Plays CD in which a girl name Shilpa Mehta says that two people spoiled my life, I did work in their factory, when I saw something wrong is happening there then I told them and they expel me without any reason, when I ask them then they threaten & daunt me. Now, neither I have money nor have work and no hopes for work, they also threatened my family. Now, I have only one way that is to kill myself on 26 july 2011 and I want to tell everyone that two people are responsible for my death, their names are Tej singh oberoi and shakti oberoi and I know they will remember this date forever. She suicides…


Gayatri say that is the truth of Tej and shakti oberoi, they both are killers, you hide this girl’s truth but you will never able to hide my husband’s death truth. Tej say you are nothing but a lier, nothing you will gain from this, whole life you will kept in jail.

Gayatri say threat to others not me. Inspector stops her and asks tej to calm down. Tej say this lady is accusing me and you ask me to calm down, I have never seen this video and that girl, shakti supports tej and say inspector that this video is only for discredit us only. Inspector to shakti, this CD is found from your locker. Tej, we don’t know how this CD come here.

Inspector ask them to go police station and shivaay try to stop him and say what you think that if any common people accuse us then you will take us to the police station. Inspector says this is police’s procedure let us complete this. Shivaay, law has to understand the difference between an industrialist and a common people.

Shivaay say this lady tries to kill my brother, attack on my family and then you believe that you have to trust this lady. Inspector says this will know after search and we will restart ashok’s death enquiry. For now tej and shakti singh oberoi needs to come with me.

Shivaay say I know that it’s a procedure but you can’t take them from here and if you move one more step towards them then you will lose your job today before evening.

Om asks shivaay to let inspector do his duty, he explains that they do not come here to arrest our fathers, they only taking them for statement.

Tej agrees and they move towards outside, there jhanvi comes and ask tej that what police is doing here and where you both are going. Tej do not answer and goes from there.

Jhanvi ask shivaay what is happening here, he say nothing badi maa please come in.

Gayatri looks back at home and annika have doubt on her.

Pinky brings water for jhanvi and asks her to drink. Jhanvi say that tej can be ruthless, unethical in business but can’t be responsible for that girl’s suicide. Pinky say you are right and see shakti ji, he never talk in high voice, he put fast twice a week, but don’t worry our sons will soon get them back.

Shivaay promises dadi that he will soon get his fathers back. Annika brings tea for dadi, she say not but shivaay, om and rudra please dadi to drink tea. Dadi ask annika to go home, annika say I will stay here with you, dadi says its ok and your brother is alone at home so please go. She goes from there and shivaay trying to contact commissioner.

Shivaay ask dadi what happened, dadi say that I am afraid of the blame becomes true, Rudra ask dadi, do you think this is because of ‘chote papa’ and ‘bade papa’. Dadi, only thing I know is that your fathers’ working method is very different from your grandfather, but my brain says that no one can blames you big like this without any reasons.

Shivaay, please dadi don’t believe on that lady, she is criminal and our family’s enemy. Dadi, heart not feel pain on believing others but feel pain when not able to believe on ours, you and me both know that some secrets tej and shakti hides from us, but lie never hidden long time we have to pay for this. I am scared that whatever happens today is the sign of future’s storm.

Annika comes to her home and finds sahil ill, bua ji brings imli water for sahil. Annika ask what happen to sahil tell me now. Bua tell annika that sahil vomits from some time, annika ask why you didn’t call me. Bua ji say that sahil call you but you didn’t pick the phone. Sahil drinks and say to bua ji, if you are going then please close lights of my room. He doesn’t talk with annika and sleep.

Shivaay to om, dadi is tensed that’s why she said this and due to these we can’t doubt on our dads, Om kar recalls what ishana was saying and today gayatri is also blaming same on Mr. Oberoi. Shivaay, A fake video can’t proof our dads wrong, it’s ridiculous. Om says it’s logical because no one blames other without any big reason.

Shivaay say that you are against family and Om says no I am only in favour of truth. Rudra comes and say bhaiya, he is crying….

Ishqbaaz Episode 86 Written Updates

Ishqbaaz 23rd September 2016 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update ! Shivaay Gets Emotional

Ishqbaaz 21st September 2016 Written Update: Episode starts with dadi asking pinky that where are these three, Shivaay say four, not three. All four brings eco-friendly ganpati idol at home.

Some Time Before

Pinky say that bahu’s dreams always broke in this home, shivaay says mom…. Dadi ask what are you saying my child. She say sorry that her tongue always slips anywhere. Om ask pinky, tell us whatever in your heart. Pinky say that one thing today I want to say that I am not well educated like jithani ji, my mom say if we allow daughter for more studies then they start climbing on our head and no relationship come for her. I was in B.A 2nd year when shivaay’s father come to meet me for relationship then I get married, but I had a dream to win everyone’s heart in my in laws but this in law home never accepts me. Dadi comes to her and ask what you are saying.

Pinky say “mann ki baat”, no one say anything in front of me and never mannerliness because this is my contract. She cries….

No one give respect to me in this home like jithani ji, you also always give every function and ceremony's responsibility to jithani ji. Dadi, she is my elder bahu. Pinky, may be because she is from blood line and can speak English fluently.

Dadi, my god knows that I never discriminate between my bahus. Pinky, not intentionally but unknowingly and mostly shakti ji do my “OH MY MATA”. He never take me in any conference or part because he afraid of me that I speak something wrong due to which he feels embarrass and shivaay, he never over differences between me and himself.


Pinky, he also do that everyone do in this house, I always try to speak English like him, whether it’s wrong, but I do talks in English, so I can speak English like him. But he never appreciates me, never try to improve my mistake, he never understands that his mom try to speak, I always remains a comedian for everyone. My own son feels shame on me that her mom is not hi fii. She says that sometimes she feels stepnee to herself. I am always with everyone but never become part of this house. Dadi, why did you never tell this, if you think that I love jhanvi more than you then I want to sorry for this, you both bahus are my two eyes and from today you both bahus are equal to my sons.

Dadi cries and say that no lady is second class in this home, pinky hugs dadi. Dadi says to her three grandsons that whenever they get married they will give equal status to their wives and if not give then I will beat you and make “khottee” of you.

Om kar promise that he will always give equal status to her wife, rudra say that I think I will be treated second class because everyone call me dumb, I feels heart on this, Shivaay say that I am always with you. Dadi, don’t make talks billu and promise me. Shivaay, my perception is something different, I can’t promise but I will try. Om kar to shivaay, must think once.

Dadi to Tej, why you are reaming your moustaches, go and bring jhanvi. Rudra say that mallika di has gone but she teaches prinku to speak.

Tej comes to prinku and say, do I ever realize you that you are less from your brothers, she say no. Tej, if ever you feel that then Tej singh oberoi give right to you that you can come to me and grab my ears. Prinku laughs hugs him..

Rudra ask can I also, Tej and everyone laughs on it. Shivaay comes to pinky and hugs her and say you are the world’s best mom. Dadi say that mallika went and everyone gets closer in our house, one more thing that tomorrow is ganpati mahotsav. Rudra say “Dil bole” and all say “Oberoi”.

Next Day dadi is doing arrangements for ganpati mahotsav and ask pinky that where are they three. From behind shivaay say four, not three, they brings eco friendly ganpati to establish in their home.
Pinky asks tej, don’t you like to call jithani ji, I mean you send car or you are going to bring jhanvi ji. Tej excuses that jhanvi will come. Dadi, but why she not comes yet. He says that she will come and I am going to change my cloths.

Dadi greets pandit ji and he asks to start ganpati establish. Dadi say everyone to start.
Annika comes and say to his brother that she will come soon after ganpati pooja and then she will take him in many ganpati pandaals. She comes to dadi and praise for omkar’s made eco friendly ganpati idol. She asks for further works. Dadi tell her to go in kitchen with prinku to check for any shortage. She goes with prinku.

Tej comes to his room and worried what he should wear on this occasion, he blames jhanvi if she didn’t take much care of me then I will never be much dependent on her, at least she have to arrange my clothes before leaving from here.

Rudra, shivaay and om discussing about eco friendly ganpati idol. rudra ask then what happen to tradition if everything become modern.

Dadi come and say that tradition should also have to move together, actually world should not move too much fast and tradition should not move too slow, both should move slowly together then what’s the problem. Annika says dadi is rights and for that I prepare a solid surprise for you all with soumya, Rudra, if soumya is with you then definitely something is good. Om, are you ok rudra, I am asking this because you become aggressive by listening her name. Rudra, you are right bhaiya I become aggressive whenever her name is called. Soumya comes and rudra start debate with him and say let’s go annika di for surprise, Dadi say you have only 15 minutes, Annika say that’s enough for us.

Tej in his room try to contact jhanvi but her line is busy, Om comes to room and open tej’s almirah and bring out tej’s clothes and say goodbye to her mom on phone, Om say to his father that your cloth are here and your shoes are in shoe rack. Tej ask him that you were talking to jhanvi, now I will need to get my wife’s updates from my son. she is not picking up my phone, what I will do. Om, from how many years you are living together then why can’t you understands her. I trust you will definitely find a way to get mom back to home.

Annika and soumya are waiting for “dhol wale” they come and security guard do their security check before they enter. They put their dhols down and one of the dhol moves automatically in the house. Annika’s gaze fell on it.

Ishqbaaz Episode 85

Ishqbaaz 21st September 2016 Written Update